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  • ukz unique 50 mins ago

    Really good game 👍😎

  • Stormer248 50 mins ago

    Can't say this is the best F2P game, I can easily name better ones off the top of my head (War Thunder, Planetside 2, Warframe, etc).

    The game is extremely fun, however there are 3 things that do kill it for me. And no, its not the grind either.

    1. Lack of maps: Seeing an unfamiliar map on this video, I assume this issue has been sort of fixed since I last played, but I digress, this game needs a lot more maps, and given the okay-ish style of the game, it should be very easy to do so if Gaijin doubled down. The game only had around 12 maps last time I was on, when IMO a game like this should have 30 at the least.

    2. Future tech: What I really hate is when games just go too far with their lore to the point that it kinda ruins the game; Ark Survival is the same way.
    I really don't see why the devs had to need to add the alien backstory to the game, which excuses them into putting unfitting sci-fi tech into the high-rank matches. It just fucks up the post-apocalyptic style they were going for in the first place. I'm just thankful that none of that garbage can be accessed in the lower tiers.

    3. My first two points are just small issues in the grand scheme of things, my main issue, which ruined the longevity of this game for me was the length of matches. The devs put so much effort into a good game, just to fuck it up with matches that only last about 3 minutes. Its just so annoying, like owning a supercar, but only being able to drive it for 5 miles at a time.
    Simply including a 20-30 minute mode with respawns could be the saving grace for this game, at least for me anyway. I just want longer matches to properly experience the thrill of the game. Because as of now, each time I just reach the peak of that high, the match ends only moments later. Its such a buzzkill, especially coming from the developer of War Thunder, a game known for solid 20 minute matches.

  • Fox Racing 50 mins ago

    The best f2p weve never heard of? More like YOUVE never heard of levelcap…. this game has been out for awhile now, if this is your first video on it, you're wayyyy behind lol

  • GameNLad 50 mins ago

    Are we just going to ignore the spyware gain installs.

  • Timothy Mckey 50 mins ago

    This game sucks

  • Søl Wulfken 50 mins ago

    Play WARFRAME! xD

  • Kevin Schmevin 50 mins ago

    Sorry but this game seriously sucks. My friends and I all tried it after Russian Badgers video and we couldn't stand it after just a few hours. Nothing but insanely boring grind and they give you absolutely nothing in terms of equipment without insanely huge amounts of grind. They should just charge 10 or 20 bucks for the game and actually give people enough materials to actually have fun with the game. As is this game is a waste of time and will absolutely fail.

  • Christen Lewis 50 mins ago

    Warthunder better imo

  • guoferozz 50 mins ago

    It is too repetitive once you play a bit

  • Mahmoodo Al-Habib 50 mins ago

    world of tanks is the best free game to play bro

  • TedMo Tv 50 mins ago

    Jepp…this is an awesome game. Would be great if you could make a few new videos about it.
    YOU DONT NEED MONEY. It helps to shorten grinding time.

  • Archangel1991 50 mins ago

    Well, i have played that game a lot, but to say that its the ''best f2p game you never played'' is a massive hyperbole. Its not very popular, its very grindy and after a couple of days gets very monotonous with not much content.

  • MasonM214 50 mins ago

    This reminds me a lot of BattleBots 🙂

  • venomtail1 50 mins ago

    A glorified waiting game that is just as bad as the mobile games.

    And yes, I have played that game. I have 5.5 hours on it. 5.4h was me grinding in the game and about 0.1h was me actually enjoying the game in it's good moments, which are rare

  • shaneclipse97 50 mins ago

    i found this a couple months ago glad u like it too. it gets insane lol

  • SetzarothTV 50 mins ago

    Still shilling this p2w crap? Things must be getting thin until the days of 14 BFV videos a day start up huh?

  • Ammu ittes homo 50 mins ago

    Na War Thunder still hold the title of best free to play .

  • avicohen2k 50 mins ago

    Looks like fun but I don't grind in games. Grinding is like work and games are meant for play and fun and shouldn't be a chore to enjoy.

  • Bjorn De Koninck 50 mins ago

    you said somthing its not 100% true its 100% free you do not have to spent to get beter stuf you can sell items to the AH and you can get gold that way

  • Tommy Conlin 50 mins ago


  • Clones 50 mins ago

    I don't like the grinding in this game.

  • Kiwi the Keet 50 mins ago

    So it's just Besiege + Robocraft(or whatever the fuck that game is called)

  • Leopold Stotch 50 mins ago


  • If you guys want an F2P game just like this but not to much grind, check out Robocraft.

  • Lead Farmer 50 mins ago

    my fav build so far has been tank tracks, Cerberus chassis, twin whirlwind autocannons, and a long range cannon with scope

  • Sonan Kempadoo-Smith 50 mins ago

    Hover hurricane meta plagues multiple powerscores and is undoubtedly OP. So are stealth harvester builds. No skill required easy to get kills with.

  • Sonan Kempadoo-Smith 50 mins ago

    Its fun early but the mid to late game meta is very unbalanced and paytowin. You said people get matched in the same powerscore that isn't really true and the matchmaking is particularly flawed because you can cheat the system, like I see legendary weapons in 4K powerscore seal clubbing new players. Super grindy after first week of fun. I put 2 months into this game but its not worth the grind. For a better free game check out Warframe.

  • ProAssassin 84 50 mins ago

    I mean if I had everything unlocked game would be a blast to.LOL

  • ProAssassin 84 50 mins ago

    Lets just ignore the absurd grind.

  • I did play and I got tired of the grind. Also some of the new updates ruined the game for me.

  • Myles Pauletich 50 mins ago

    Never heard of this game. Granted I’m not a PC gamer at the moment but very cool. Thanks for sharing!

  • Mateo Mass 50 mins ago

    All these comments… too grindy too grindy! Remember when every game was grindy when you wanted top tier equipment, weapons, spells, etc. Have we turned into a bunch of needy kids with no ability of commitment?

  • sprinkles 50 mins ago

    he failed to mention that progressing past your first week is almost impossible, unless you throw money at the game. Most people quit at this point or take out the credit card.

  • Chris Klein 50 mins ago

    It's a fun game but it is a horrible grind to get nearly anything in this game. Not to mention there isn't really a lot of variety for low tier materials so early games mostly consist of everyone fighting nearly the exact same builds and it gets really repetitive. If you're willing to grind for hours to get what you want or just buy a bundle, I'd still recommend this game. It's got a lot of potential, it's just held back by shitty free to play progression

  • WWhhaatt 50 mins ago

    Sounds like a grindy version of Brick Rigs.

  • Sokret Nhean 50 mins ago

    Best free to play? Warframe…

  • The White Van Man 50 mins ago

    Not worth the grind

  • MrExzibit 50 mins ago

    The first couple hours of grinding wasn't too bad. It wasn't too crazy. Until you get a bit further in and realise you have to spend A LOT more hours to progress further.

  • SkywallGuttz 50 mins ago

    This game is dead.

  • El Comandante 50 mins ago

    Totally agree with you, but you realy haven´t Fun for a long Time except you let a lot of Money. So I stopped playing already

  • katoblepas 50 mins ago

    i think for you the experience was rather fun, i mean you have the chance to test high level stuff and get creative in one account and then get to the other to play some hard way grinding, but why don't you look it from the new player with a new account that cannot access any of the high tier stuff not even test it and the finds out that everything has drop chance, not only you have to grind, you don't even have the certainty that something that you actually need to progress will drop, no matter how good you play or how hard you try its simply random, that killed the game for me, a full month grinding and i felt that simply by bad luck i was stuck in the beginning of the game, sorry man but that its simply BS

  • screams in Twisted Metal

  • Agent Orange89 50 mins ago

    In my experience you dont need to have high power score vehicle with legendary items to have fun.
    By the way, Heroes and Generals is another good F2P game set in WW2 with large scale warfare.

  • Justin de la Garza 50 mins ago

    Well done , you’ve inspired me to try out the game 👍👍🙃