Details download below. An unfinished game that’s being updated as we play. Breaking the few walls along the way too. It’s no Stanley Parable. ▻Please …

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  • othman tayach 16 mins ago

    where is the fucking link of the game ????? fuck goddamm it

  • N a r i 16 mins ago

    ….I s*tted all over my pants at 23:24 holy f**

  • Christorher Smith 16 mins ago

    i like the Idea of this game but this game made my head hurt this game need a hole lot of work to make it Great.

  • washington1884 16 mins ago

    The text to speech is really annoying to listen to. I get that they can't afford a voice actor, but I just find it horrible to listen to for a long time. There are some funny moments, but most of it is just eye roll-inducing and/or borinv. It's trying too hard to be another game.

  • EmoTheKid 16 mins ago

    Well, I liked it :]
    Was kind of interesting

  • gothicangel160 16 mins ago

    Pleeeease please please play Detention!

  • Boy, I could do without the crying sound loop.

  • Cole Premo 16 mins ago

    That alleyway! But seriously… it's eh.

  • Roger Carleton 16 mins ago

    This game seemed slow, always spawning in the same area. The game does have potential, hope they implement some type of horror and a good story line.

  • SLENDERFREAK5127 16 mins ago

    "UntitledGame1"… not the worst overlooked mistake I've seen in one of these early demos. I vaguely remember one game's folder said something along the lines of "please work"

  • Gerda Parker 16 mins ago

    You're having a bad day cju it's raining inside and outside your house, I'm glad you didn't pay for this game.

  • BASSOSOVIETICO1987 16 mins ago

    I've crushed the meaning of this game, it's about loading screens horror.

  • As said, potential game. The typing thing did go to long and so forth but I am happy you gave it a go. Always eager to check your updates!

  • Jonas Christensen 16 mins ago

    Are you going to play Detention, my man?

  • OutlawRebel117 16 mins ago

    20:20 He committed herbicide.

  • Jonas Christensen 16 mins ago

    "True fun is it not?"

  • Jocelyn Brown 16 mins ago

    I think the game has potential, I like games where your "friend/narrator/guide" gets in trouble/or dies. I'm not sure about the laughing girl sound effect, seemed out of place.
    I hope you'll play the game when the final version comes out.

  • Interesting concept, pretty boring at parts though. It got a little good during the city part but it got tedious watching you go for the door over and over again. The game has potential.

  • zeratulcraft 16 mins ago

    Was hoping the Narrator would start up again after his untimely death. That would've been a nice creepy thing.

  • morris89swe 16 mins ago

    I have seen some strange games during my life time but this one takes the cake.What the heck is this?

  • Black Pug 16 mins ago

    That was unbelievabliy.. boring. O, I made a spelling error.

  • Alex Olinkiewicz 16 mins ago

    Well that was something

  • Nate Quick 16 mins ago

    Nice video! I just subscribed to your channel, I was hoping you would subscribe back to mine! I do Let's Plays too for Enter The Gungeon and other games.