Ranking the best virtual reality games released so far on the PC’s Oculus Rift. These are the top-rated VR titles on the Oculus Rift right now. Support our channel …

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  • Lagnaf87 7 mins ago

    Like beat saber

  • GameMyth 7 mins ago

    WHAT! SUPER HOT SUPER HOT SUPER HOT SUPER HOT should be number one for sure

  • EnNico 7 mins ago

    This was the worst best of list i've ever seen… the only game you mentioned that really has to be in this list is arizona sunshine.
    The other games, especially your "top 3" are nothing compared to soooo many other vr games, and its not just my opinion
    And by the way, i think the dislikes compared to the likes speak for themself

  • UFOTINIK 7 mins ago

    Salut on m'a parlé de ta vidéo sur ma chaine et je la trouve super. Merci pour ce travail 🙂

  • BungBung 7 mins ago

    Love it when I see these games being played with the vive than the rift… Now it makes me want to get the vive more than the rift…

  • ACoolMinecraftGuy 7 mins ago

    1:18 that’s jeri Ryan what they got 7 to come play the game?

  • Gary Calhoun 7 mins ago

    Sublevel Zero definitely a VR Descent clone but looks cool

  • Rachel Lowisz 7 mins ago

    There are some really great ones coming out soon like Virtual Universe and Alice's Lullaby 2

  • nizar dargham 7 mins ago

    09:41 Batience?

  • Rumple Stiltskin 7 mins ago

    Im sorry but its almost 2019 and all these games are 2015. Stupid out of date. And what was presented was bs. Most of those were expanded demos and NOT games.

  • texxx74 7 mins ago

    wtf is it? deslusional girl?

  • Puzzle Magnet 7 mins ago

    if this are the best games for oculus, then VR is a failure, but I rather to think this video is just absolute rubbish, done by clueless people,

  • D1agram 7 mins ago

    Ugh the canned voiceover…

  • Andrew Greenaway 7 mins ago

    What a horrible narration,horrid voice over.

  • Magnus Bludworth 7 mins ago

    All of the controllers are HTC vive. O thought this was for Oculus?

  • Ben Hinman 7 mins ago

    Apparently my PC specs are "too low" for oculus, but the graphics in these games are embarrassing compared to what i can already run on it. Fuck you, oculus. Fuck you.

  • Rusty Cooper 7 mins ago

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  • Draka Shrakenburg Productions 7 mins ago

    Terrible list

  • Nevan 7 mins ago

    Oculus games, star trek bridge crew PS4 physical game case

  • Randy Powell 7 mins ago

    damn VR on a computer finally arrives and they make trash ass game Jesus take the wheel! What, did game makers imagination die?

  • Charlie Theroux 7 mins ago

    What a shitty fucking list!

  • Joseph Petro 7 mins ago

    Sprint Vector is a polished game worthy of replacing many of these titles

  • Jon C 7 mins ago

    What a horrible list