It looks like there will be plenty of open world gaming in 2018 for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Here are the games we’re looking forward to.

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  • gameranx 8 mins ago

    Which of these are you looking forward to the most?

  • Fry cry 5 not so great. After update 10 still missing weapons. And new game + crash

  • w8m8. 8 mins ago

    no spider man ps4? such a shame

  • Full Life 3 8 mins ago

    Why are so many of them mythical settings? I just wanted a new game set in a regular modern day city through the eyes of a normal,non-superpowered human being.

  • Nice games, but we’re is cyberpunk???

  • Shooting star Water 8 mins ago

    I'm number 881 dislike

  • HOTPOCKETHunter 8 mins ago

    What is the music at 2:40 sir please

  • Talen 8 mins ago

    Where is Minecraft 🙁

  • Munyaradzi Saruchera 8 mins ago

    Great games I really love all of them but the problem is we don't have any in Zimbabwe

  • tunçer şahin 8 mins ago

    state of decay 2 bad game….

  • May Bunch 8 mins ago

    Now no mans sky NEXT makes dual universe look like shit.

  • 1. Zelda BOTW
    2. Shadow of the colossus
    3. Anthem ? maybe
    4. Metro exodus


    Where is God of War???

  • danny boy 8 mins ago


  • Andy Bryan 8 mins ago

    Just Cause 4?

  • Enigma 3D 8 mins ago

    Agh…. (another) zombie game…. no thanks.

  • Deadheads 8 mins ago

    Half of these games aren´t even open world games.

  • Mehlrend Du Plessis 8 mins ago


  • My name Is jeff 8 mins ago

    Nice video

  • James Hanes 8 mins ago

    I want a free open world tank game

  • HavoK Gaming 8 mins ago

    They haven't made the OWG that I need yet. Nothing hits my criteria perfectly I'm just hoping they will soon.

  • INFINITE GAMING2.0 8 mins ago


  • Michael Angelo Adanza 8 mins ago

    3:55 calls meliodas

  • Gordon S 8 mins ago

    You sound drunk. Pathetic.

  • Askmee2013 8 mins ago

    Just cause 4!

  • Jos _Markman 8 mins ago

    im lokking very much forward for State of Decay 2 and red dead 2

  • Florpzor Son of Zorpmoon 8 mins ago

    RDR 2 no PC?! WTF???

  • AtheisticConclusion 8 mins ago

    It's 2052, 20 years since our greatest minds perfected quantum communication which allowed us to send messages to parts of our galaxy tens of thousands of light years away in the blink of an eye, 18 years since the initial invasion of Earth by an advanced alien species, and 5 years since the great war ended, And localized faction warfare began. Alone we would have lost in the first 2 years, but there were civilizations among the stars that heard our message and knew we would need their help. The Earth is no longer home to just human beings, but a dozen different intelligent species. There is hate bitterness, and prejudice but most want to learn to live in harmony. The fight is now about gaining political control. People don't group off according to species, but instead group off according to their ideological hopes for the future of Earth. You can make and break alliances, do recon missions to gain Intel, stealth infiltration missions to gain ground for your faction, large faction shootouts, etc…This is the game I want to play.

  • Game Time 8 mins ago

    Only if Bandai Namco decides t make Dark souls 4

  • Tim Clark 8 mins ago

    i wish far cry 5 allowed you to train animals. or at least use horses or something. still an amazing open world game

  • Dawn Lewis 8 mins ago

    What about just cause 4

  • CARNAGE GAMER 8 mins ago

    I forgot to type in mobile with what I searched up-_-

  • Golden Knight24 8 mins ago

    Ghost of tshyuzima

  • 123perrin 8 mins ago

    same old shit…

  • Ibrar Ali 8 mins ago

    what about just cause 4

  • PNizzleFoShizzle 8 mins ago

    None of these are on the switch 😢 I'm going to have to get a ps4 or Xbox.

  • Christian Hartwell 8 mins ago

    What was that thumbnail from

  • ReKKTT 8 mins ago

    Ur speech so fkn boring dude

  • santos szn 8 mins ago

    Anthem is 2019