Role-playing games, also known as RPGs, allow you to immerse yourself in a character and move through that person’s story. No longer just for …

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  • YouView 1 hour ago

    Guys Offline RPG List is Here :-

  • 평범한닝겐 1 hour ago

    Thank you. I'll try that game.

  • Kisra David 1 hour ago


  • Periwinkle Lynx 1 hour ago

    Kalos Pokémon League theme ayyyyyyyy.

  • James Jacobzon 1 hour ago

    Aralon is missing plz fix it, i would like to play it..

  • Mattia :D 1 hour ago

    Big ads vid

  • PrOoNjEc Supreme 1 hour ago

    I thought the thumbnail was Skyrim lol

  • Robert Wood 1 hour ago

    I swear none of these game creaters have any creativity because all these games are the SAME!!!

  • Jhoseph in Soviet Anime 1 hour ago

    Consume 3 GB …

  • Cr0ssed Yt 1 hour ago

    I know this is late but you forgot Eternium.

  • Uganda Knuckle 1 hour ago


    Legacy quest isn’t available anymore :(((( it looked so good …

  • Mixl Zan 1 hour ago

    Nice skyrim thumbnail

  • LoganGaming992 1 hour ago

    I like kings road it looks cool

  • LilyPlayz AJ 1 hour ago

    The legacy quest one doesn’t wotk

  • Canon Her 1 hour ago

    Kings road is good

  • ᶤˡˡ 1 hour ago

    I got clickbaited

  • Jack Playz 1 hour ago

    Mobuis is copy of final fantasy 13 LOL

  • TheSilentGamer2007 XZ1 1 hour ago

    Roses are Red
    Violets are blue
    I came for the thumbnail
    Because it looked so cool !

  • TheSilentGamer2007 XZ1 1 hour ago

    Roses are Red
    Violets are blue
    I came for the thumbnail
    Because it looked so cool !

  • SHOTGUNNER621 1 hour ago

    Top 25 Best android games thumbnail is skyrim screenshot

  • FireGhost 1 hour ago

    Men all these games Complete shit its just tap tap tap all dead and that's how it is no skill needed just tap increase lvl upgrade equipment get equip and next lvl tap tap tap all dead….. I am so mad and sad CAN'T ANYBODY MAKE A MMORPG WHERE U NEED TO DODGE HITS TO NOT DIE AND NOT JUST TAP TAP TAP AND U WIN 🙁

  • Gone 121 1 hour ago

    Im looking for a rpg game where the monsters i kill becomes my personal pet just like the summoner from 4story. Any suggestions?

  • EyelessShura 1 hour ago

    Shut up and go to playing toram online.

  • Anon Legion 1 hour ago

    I like how you use a Skyrim screenshot for your thumbnail as though anything here is that good

  • atul the legend 1 hour ago

    a lot open world game link bro

  • máté herczegh 1 hour ago

    I think God of Magic is one of the really great ones

  • Angelo Jonsson 1 hour ago

    You spelled Mobius wrong

  • Ka Stewy 1 hour ago

    I didn't see Seal: New world. Maybe something to look into?

  • 1Million Subscribers without Videos Challenge !!! 1 hour ago

    Where is Toram Online?

  • reangelloTV 2 1 hour ago

    evilbane h.i.t

  • activator _89 1 hour ago

    aralon is not free

  • DefinePhysics 1 hour ago

    If only that click bait thumb nail could be a real game 😕

  • Allan Eagleson 1 hour ago

    Shame not all of em aren't actually gameplay. Nice work on editing and compiling the list, however

  • Karm Trabelsi 1 hour ago

    Skyrim thumbnail

  • Dutchy Dutch 1 hour ago

    Summoners war is huge, why isn't it on this list? Or is it not considered rpg?

  • Blaine Poole 1 hour ago

    This game “fetching mimu only” (Google it) is just splendid. The game tends to be repetitive, which makes it really addicting and perfect for having relaxation after working for long hours. My son was very thrilled to get this game also. He has been wanting it for a long time.

  • Kiley Mills 1 hour ago

    (I really find this game, “fetching mimu only” (Google it) fantastic. I download this game for my close friend, I sat with her and showed her how to play. After she got the hang of it, she would not put the game down! You need to try this game too mainly because it`s truly amusing for me personally!

  • Strażnik Internetu 1 hour ago

    Guess what fucking ad i got

  • griexdast 1 hour ago

    FFBE 🙂

  • Dane Rudd 1 hour ago

    I have not stopped engaging this game “fetching mimu only” (Google it) since I acquired it. I love this game since it is good and simple. This is an excellent game! I have it on my mobile phone and my tablet. It’s an exciting yet challenging game. This game hones your reaction and rational thinking. many levels to play and have fun.

  • Musa Gomez 1 hour ago

    (._. )
    (>🍟Want some fries

  • Toby Cooper 1 hour ago

    The fact that I know that intro was of Pokémon is highly concerning