Victor Vran: Overkill Edition is a hack-and-slash, dungeon crawling, European steampunk inspired title, which essentially checks off all the boxes for RPG …

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video rating: 4.86
time : 4:44
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dislikes: 6

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  • Andson Silva 48 mins ago

    path of exile is very better

  • lingesh roger 48 mins ago

    only missing feature in this game were the camera zooming !!! if you play in handheld hardly notes the character or demon in game < camera offset ~~~

  • Deadringer 80 48 mins ago

    sounds like geralt to me

  • looks like 30 fps? :/

  • The Vegan Punk 48 mins ago

    Does this game have Bows? I only see Hammers, Guns & Swords in Inventory. I was waiting for a review for this game before I got it.

  • Death Knight 48 mins ago

    I'm picking up Victor vran on the switch sometime soon I had to get my pre-order on diablo 3 first

  • Stephen Furlong 48 mins ago

    looks like a Chinese rip off of diablo 2. i can wait for diablo or some of the other good top down dungeon crawlers coming out before this year ends.

  • Your Nightmare 48 mins ago

    I bought pre own one and already finish and return to the store 😉👌

  • Francisco Burgos 48 mins ago

    Looks like Van Helsing… but I'll buy it anyway…

  • Motorhead sold me… thats why im watching this; because I want to make sure it’s worth buying hehe

  • Omega %100 48 mins ago

    Yes finally someone review it. I'm in 8+h so fun

  • Jonathan Goode 48 mins ago

    Been playing the hell out of this

  • BaoZakeruga 48 mins ago

    All I heard was Geralt in the beginning.

  • taipan2021 48 mins ago

    i want to buy this on switch but full price $60 aud for it is way overpriced for a PC port. id pay $20 for this max

  • Ryan Bowler 48 mins ago

    I'll definitely pick this up when it's on sale for around £10-£20.

  • Joe Munger 48 mins ago

    The rating scale at NWR is interesting. I like that you are able to give a game you love a high score but do you take into account other games in the genre? What were the developer goals and did they achieve them? I would have like to have heard more about the different modes and the quality of the online experience. Multiplayer is a huge part of Diablo's appeal. What's the multiplayer like with this game? How is that loot grind?

    Just constructive criticism. Good luck

  • Glad someone reviews this. Thank you

  • Geo2nice 48 mins ago

    Thanks I was waiting for this review! Nice work as usual! 👍🏼