Details Starring one of the world’s most iconic Super Heroes, Spider-Man features the acrobatic abilities, …

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  • Sam Klein 9 mins ago

    make it on xbox to

  • DoomDesired 9 mins ago

    Did they change this scene in the final game?

  • Noah core 9 mins ago


  • ManBearPig977 9 mins ago

    Anyone else notice that Li is in this trailer but not in the mission in the game…

  • supereme killer 9 mins ago

    Spider-Man sounds like susaku from code geass

  • ill be so bad at this

  • Jonathan Ingles 9 mins ago

    worth the hype!

  • ThatshowI Roll 9 mins ago

    Finally worth waiting

  • kusuma v 9 mins ago

    imagine this graphics for pc

  • haaunted 9 mins ago

    ''the amazing spider-man 2'' at the end of the description xD

  • No Man 9 mins ago

    Lol the trailer lied about mr negative.

  • Marlon Thomas 9 mins ago

    Why isn't it on Xbox one

  • Aaron Bringleson 9 mins ago

    I am waching this on a ps4

  • Connor 9 mins ago

    Spidee acts like me when I chased that one guy

  • J Man 9 mins ago

    1 more week!!!!

  • Osvaldo Aedo 9 mins ago

    Se Mueve Muy Lento Pero Igual Buen Juego Igual que el the amazing spiderman 2 es bueno igual ese se mueve mas rapido

  • Salim Cobarrubias 9 mins ago

    I can't wait

  • Mahdi Messaoudi 9 mins ago


  • amir hamza 9 mins ago

    we need pc version

  • amir hamza 9 mins ago

    why this is not release in pc

  • XxcyxX 9 mins ago

    What's the deal with people hating on QTE? It's like hitting jackpot and a free gift or somthing and people complain like they dont want the free gift. At least QTE is implemented in cutscenes so you dont just sit through it doing nothing.

  • RexTDK 9 mins ago

    Best game there is

  • goldkid1987 ayee_its gold 9 mins ago

    It looks boring 🙁

  • Maniac536 9 mins ago

    4K for the win!