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  • Booya Gadget 21 mins ago

    @Cruzan9 I agree, a great game. looks good on xoom, even better on tough smart phones like my galaxy s2. Plus … Vector unit is a cool company, I've chatted with them.

  • Cruzan9 21 mins ago

    Nice game. I really like the look of it on the Asus Transformer Prime. It's pretty awesome. Not too sure I want the Prime though. I've waited this long I may wait a little while longer to see what else comes out. Good game review.

  • Booya Gadget 21 mins ago

    @mzebony thanks mzEbony… you know, I get that question a lot about which to get. In my opinion, they are all awesome devices if that helps 🙂 Reminds me of buying a TV years ago, LCD or PLASMA … I just went in and grabbed the one I thought looked best, and then 1 year later it was already cheaper and better elsewhere. In the end, we're all screwed since the "NEXT BEST MODEL" will be out within 12 months lol… ( Riptide is GREAT ! )

  • mzebony 21 mins ago

    See I'm stuck now with all these decisions, xoom, ipad, and playbook!! Although I should get the playbook because of my phone (yes its a BB), the xoom looks so nice. Don't know if we'll get the same type of performance you get in the US, but I will go and check it out and see which one I end up with. Nice gameplay and vid!!