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  • Cookie CRAFTER 1 hour ago

    When you try your best but don’t succeed….

  • andi morales 1 hour ago


  • andi morales 1 hour ago

    "That's it sugar" Me: Hahahahahahahh WHAT?!?!?!?!?! 😅

  • Sara Puckett 1 hour ago

    if you collect all of the pieces of the painting sandpit them together you get an extra night

  • Lucetta Crawford 1 hour ago

    I saw you in a game to day😃😃😃 and it was fun

  • Collins Fan 1 hour ago

    Denis,Collins Key,Skech,Bandi,SSSniperWolf,James Charles,and inquisitor master are my favorite YouTubers♥️ also Dani Chon and Guava Juice😎 I watch them every day during school or before😂

  • Collins Fan 1 hour ago

    Why do I watch these videos when ever I scream the whole time 😂 love you Denis

  • Regan Miller 1 hour ago

    Find granny s secret base in minecraft

  • Jaiden’s Dimond 1 hour ago


  • Jaiden’s Dimond 1 hour ago

    I love the part were you were talking then granny said were are you and then u said granny that was not nice that was really rude

  • Elizabeth Saldivar 1 hour ago

    you can get to the backyard through the window where the table is there is a red hand on it

  • Candie Schreiber 1 hour ago

    If you get granny in the bedroom and go under the bed and out of the bed yup can flinch her so she can not kill you

  • Candie Schreiber 1 hour ago

    Thayer are secrits in granny

  • Rouxlize Rousseau 1 hour ago

    GREAT JOB 👌 😉

  • Jusiah Encarnacion 1 hour ago

    Hi there

  • Jusiah Encarnacion 1 hour ago

    I love when you play Roblox

  • Elise Loxton 1 hour ago

    I love your videoes

  • samanta ferreira 1 hour ago

    Wow, Denis you actually move all I do is
    find a hiding spot AND STAY THERE

  • Summer Gnizak 1 hour ago

    You can do it!!!!!!!!!!

  • sarah shehri 1 hour ago

    this game is so hard

  • adrihag08 Norwigian 1 hour ago

    Chek the garage

  • Jake Pauler 1 hour ago

    When ever she jump scares I scream and my mom said why are u screaming I said BECAUSE THIS GAME😂🤯😩

  • Ella 4everGaming 1 hour ago

    if i were u i would hit granny in the head and if the police come i'd just for get about it and walk away and not say a word

  • Angeleah Gonzalez 1 hour ago

    The window in the dining room gets you to the playhouse room a lot easier

  • Shook * 1 hour ago

    So you can escape, but I can’t even leave the room you spawn in? Ok.

  • Lawrence Plays 1 hour ago

    I can't believe that you beat the game Denis. I am impressed actually. Good job!😀

  • Jennifer Fleming 1 hour ago

    Knock on wood it will kill the jinks

  • Ana Whitfield 1 hour ago

    Oh and granny spawns in the basement

  • Ana Whitfield 1 hour ago

    I never beat the game but I know how tho glitch her

  • Lane Johnson 1 hour ago


  • Cricket Videos 1 hour ago

    Dashie is better 😁😁😁😁

  • Alyssa Craft 1 hour ago

    Is it just me or when I watch people play horror games it calms me down?! Lol😂😂

  • Kaylie Basson11 1 hour ago

    You can jump through the blood hand window in the dining room

  • Mariah Xox 1 hour ago

    So calm I panic while playing this game

  • cнarlene andreѕ 1 hour ago

    I only play on practise mode

  • Honglay Dy 1 hour ago

    Granny is SO Annoying 😑😑😑

  • josie Calimag 1 hour ago

    did anyone notice that granny is a little tacky with her own traps 🤭🤭🤭

  • Selah Perkins 1 hour ago

    omg i love your vids but this one was awesome and i have the the game and thx for the tip

  • Jensen Rush 1 hour ago

    My iPad doesn't let me update it

  • Olivia Roy 1 hour ago

    Your so brave all I do is stay under the bed the whole time

  • Minecraft Pro 1 hour ago

    See you unless she's in the same room as you

  • Minecraft Pro 1 hour ago

    I have

  • Minecraft Pro 1 hour ago

    Granny isn't at home on practice

  • Olivia Roy 1 hour ago

    Ok so basically what happens when u hear her locking and unlocking things she is locking or unlocking the door to outside

  • Olivia Roy 1 hour ago

    Granny was born rude. Lol