If this were a review of just Monster Hunter World, the negatives would have little effect on the overall package. Given all the work and graphical brilliance that …

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  • THAC0MANIC 7 mins ago

    PC Review of this game should be something along the lines of F-in Horrible / Huge Disapointment.

  • Atomic Primate Productions 7 mins ago

    Talks about tobi kadachi: Shows jyuratodus video
    Talks about Vaal Hazak: Shows Nergigante Video

  • haffiz ismail 7 mins ago

    cant play with friends , keep disconnecting

  • Kind Old Raven 7 mins ago

    The coop cutscene barrier sounds like the thing that'll keep me from getting this.

  • Aceras Fire 7 mins ago

    I LAG USING RX 480 with I5 6600……………………………. is there anyway i can increase my FPS ? i run medium setting

  • OriginalGamerOnline 7 mins ago

    Hack, slash, farm, repeat. Typical mommy wallet franchise game. These FUCKING console ports to PC suck ASS!! Soooo unoriginal! Let me guess another game from the far east w/weird ass characters trying to pass as "Western". Typical game, Western characters that never ever fucking use such shitty dialogue, weapons that are 10x the fucking size of the character! And the same ole fancy weapon, cut scene, hack, slash, farm, cut scene, repeat. And these assholes wonder why gaming companies constantly go under. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Childish Sadbino 7 mins ago

    Would this game run well on 2GB GTX 950 OC and 8GB Ram and i3 – 3240 CPU?

  • lazer tag 7 mins ago

    im mad that the pc port is so fucked up, ill wait till they fix it before i buy it

  • Erich Ryan 7 mins ago

    While this reviewer can read a script well, he clearly doesn't really have any idea what he's talking about. This read like a generic cut+paste pre-review months ago. Awful.

  • Enter Tain 7 mins ago

    review video already??? or is this for your own good? $$$

  • gamer taboo 7 mins ago

    You have an i5 4440 and a 1060? Well I'm no longer worried, thanks. Again would love to see a proper benchmark with all the hardware, where the F are they?

  • Not Tellin 7 mins ago

    In dij ah nus… what the hell is indiginious?

  • Afro Gaming 7 mins ago

    Why would you upload a PC review in 30fps? jesus.

  • Yami_Industries 7 mins ago

    will this run on a amd 560x? the 570x is the recommended specs and I just want to know if this would run on a 560x and can I run this on a gpd win 1 or a gpd win 2? I want to make monster hunter world portable

  • Artillery Horse 7 mins ago

    My Lord, time to upgrade your pc

  • Rubeus Archos 7 mins ago

    What ever happen to company called ULTRA ULTRA and game they were making called Echo?

  • alwaysalone soki 7 mins ago

    i freaking hate this game its time consuming "damn gems" and more frustrating than challenging!

  • The Gintama6 7 mins ago

    Happy to hear the game runs great on your system. I have the exact same build besides the CPU which is an i5-4570. Since FFXV is a stutter-fest on my rig so MH:W got me very worried.

  • Mad Max 7 mins ago

    Why would PC want the DLC content released on day 1? Most of it needs you to be done with the story and have good gear.

  • Enttey 7 mins ago

    Did he called MH a hack and slash? Lmao has this guy even play the game?

  • Foxintoxx 7 mins ago

    I’m getting really annoyed by these « delayed pc launch with no transfer » games . If I was able to transfer my hunters from Xbone to pc , I’d buy the game in a heartbeat . But I can’t , and knowing how hard it was for me to get some of the random drops , i don’t feel like grinding for 300+ hours just to get back to where i already am on xbone , especially knowing that most of my favorite gear is event exclusive .

    Terrible business decision . There isn’t anyone thinking « i was going to buy MHWorld on pc but since console players can transfer im no longer buting it » but there are a lot of people thinking « i was going to buy MH:W on pc but since i can’t transfer i won’t »

  • LauW G. 7 mins ago

    Hehe, Fareeha :p

  • にゃあエイリアンMeowAlien 7 mins ago

    So fucking hype!

  • justagreatname 7 mins ago

    The game is not even out on pc version yet. Review ass

  • GALASKI 7 mins ago


  • ChelseaDude 247 7 mins ago