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video rating: 4.91
duration : 14:17
likes: 109
dislikes: 2

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  • DuraheLL 1 week ago

    Can someone please tell me something about Forsaken Lore. I think the base game has way too many "unfair" event cards amongst mythic cards and location events and gate events and so on. Often chain delaying/detaining or throwing curses and bad stuff everywhere with little to no chance to mitigate it.
    DOES this expansion beef out the decks so that they are more consistent and fair?
    Or does it just throw in a ton of more painful and crippling stuff that you notice greatly occur more often?

  • Lord Skeletor 1 week ago

    The real fucky part of this expansion is NO NEW INVESTIGATORS! ugh!
    Otherwise…it's an okay expansion.

  • Andrew S. 1 week ago

    I love what this adds to the game.

  • psamtik55 1 week ago

    Rules question: Do I draw a Mythos card EVERY turn? even if Rumors are in play?
    I'm sorry if I sound like a moron but I have no one to ask.

  • Michelle Warwick 1 week ago

    Off topic for a sec- I NEED that Tali shirt, where did you get it?

  • Michelle Warwick 1 week ago

    Off topic for a sec- I NEED that Tali shirt, where did you get it?

  • t xin 1 week ago

    Compared to the AH, this game has crappy plain English in the card context even for a non-native speaker. Also I guess this game was not designed for any further game board add on.
    After all, thanks for the review!

  • mikeinbc 1 week ago

    This makes Eldritch Horror complete. It should have been included in the base game, but this is the strategy of the developer. Release an incomplete game and throw out multiple expansions.

  • Jacob Keller 1 week ago

    The one thing I hate about the game, which I also like, is that some condition cards are horrible and literally kill you, but I am the type of person that wants to see every aspect of the game and i keep losing because i keep wanting to see what different conditions do. 

    Out of the 8 times ive played ive only won 1 time i think. But I love that about this game that its not easily beatable. Gonna have to go pick up this expansion

  • CardboardJungle 1 week ago

    This really could have used a couple of more investigators..even that alone would add replayability to the base game.