Running across town to the Riverside Motel, Travis finds a few things along the way. ▻Please consider sharing/rating this video to help the channel grow.

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  • Laura Waterfield 1 hour ago

    Been enjoying these videos so much. Thanks Cju. You're the best. Cheers

  • Dammer 1 hour ago

    Please play resident evil DLC : end of Zoe…
    Common cju

  • Sammy Torres 1 hour ago

    making my way downtown
    walking fast
    punching monsters with my bare hands

  • Chowzan 1 hour ago

    10:29 Ah the ol spin on the Oranges and lemons nursery rhyme.

  • Jim Jones 1 hour ago

    It kills me to say this, but you missed some rifle ammo on the crate at 11:25

  • Sodafish 1 hour ago

    The new monster you've encountered is called Two-Back, it spits acid and rams you but it is slightly weaker to back attacks.

  • zeratulcraft 1 hour ago

    To be fair, surviving Silent Hill with your sweetie is sure to bind you together forever whether you like it or not.

  • Yehuda Trapido 1 hour ago

    I think the fish date puzzle is the date he showed up with his dad at the motel

  • Alina Kay 1 hour ago

    I've waited so long

  • Kylie The Dandere 1 hour ago

    CJU "That's new, what do I call you"
    Me "Fucking gross, that's what"

  • Kylie The Dandere 1 hour ago

    Found that way you Funny
    CJU as Wife: "Where are we doing dear? Paris?. CJU as Husband: "No, we're going down the road love, pack your bags, were heading to the Riverside Motel"
    CJU "EWWWW." Laughter "Yeah not my ideal choice for a romantic getaway, but maybe that's just me"
    Nope, that's not just you Chris, totally agree

  • Donald Fenner 1 hour ago

    As always, Cju delivers. Anyway, bye!

  • Kylie The Dandere 1 hour ago

    Yay, it's been too long my friend!

  • Jay Summers 1 hour ago

    here we go! yes!! been waiting for this! hahaha