Upcoming New Strategy Games 2018 – The best new RTS Games 2018 coming up for PC Mac PS4 XBOX ONE. Gameplay & trailers. 0:08 – 20000 Leagues …

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  • MWJR ™ 5 mins ago

    A game where you could play as insects… that's pretty fucking cool and unseen man, I hope somebody comes out with a 100% working (bugless… if you know what I mean) game where you could actually play as insects, RTS style of course.

  • Marko Campos 5 mins ago

    AoE IV 👀

  • Medokillerxx Psn 5 mins ago

    can anybody tell me is there a modern military RTS game on ps4

  • Roham gamer TV 5 mins ago

    empires of the undergrowth remember of game anthill on ios

  • dnaltiam 5 mins ago

    20000 cloud didnt come out yet btw

  • Josh Araujo 5 mins ago

    I fucking swear to god every single one of you strategy fans out there better buy the new AoE, the genre is almost dead and the bloody AAA corporate twats need proof there's hope for the genre. I'd rather waste 50 quid on a less than stellar game than have the whole genre die out.

  • James Miller 5 mins ago

    Where is Men of War Assault Squad 3. I could pay for that. Or War In The Pacific with up to date graphics etc.

  • stephen hartley 5 mins ago

    total war turned out to be shite. what a surprise

  • Timothy Sturdevant 5 mins ago


  • GOGOgomes 5 mins ago

    Oh voice over, i wasn't expecting any kind of effort from a video like this, nice surprise, great video, liked.

  • Mod Max 5 mins ago


  • GabeN The Great 5 mins ago

    R-T-S for game cube.

  • Pandemonium88 5 mins ago

    TOTAL WAR – THREE KINGDOMS the real deal from creative Assembly coming up…hope dont disapont the fans with non stop expensive DLCs
    nice video though.

  • DJ Pedobear 5 mins ago

    No Comment on Three kingdoms hahaha

  • BlackhawkX02 5 mins ago

    Age of Empires IV!! Fucking finally, I thought it was dead.

  • Bot Charlie 5 mins ago


  • Leocram Vinci 5 mins ago

    I will totally buy Iron Harvest on the PS4 just to play a RTS on console

  • Naved haider 5 mins ago

    Iron harvest and ancestors are best

  • Derek Henry 5 mins ago

    Hey, enjoyed your Frostpunk LPs, would love to see you play Pizza Connection 3, I can't find anyone playing it who is enjoyable to watch.

  • Too much logic 5 mins ago

    Great video. One nitpick on forged battalion – the concept of unit assemblies in RTS is 20years old (KKND Crossfire, Earth 2150, Warzone 2100 to name a few).

  • Multi-Players Club 5 mins ago

    More content than consoles!

  • seesee bee 5 mins ago

    hope AoE 4 retains wololo unit

  • Rafael Gonzalez Gutierrez 5 mins ago

    I hate i have a console and RTS games are rare on it but at least 2 games are getting on X1

  • fdjw88 5 mins ago

    sigh, the only game that interests me is age of empires. i missed the old days when EA announce that there is a new command and conquer series coming out. nowadays most of the RTS games are mediocre at best.

  • Cukito4 5 mins ago

    Damn these videos. Watching cutscenes is not part of GAMEPLAY, which is what made me decides to play a game or not.

  • War Never Changes 5 mins ago

    LU BU

  • Kre8or333 5 mins ago

    Iron harvest is the only one that looks worthy of a 2018 release. All the others look like Warcraft 3 graphics and that was in 2002 or so. I don't get all of the cartoony looks in 2018.

  • Bugie Iqbal 5 mins ago

    Empires of the Undergrowth reminds me of my childhood game Swarm Assault 😛

  • Ron Lloyd 5 mins ago

    cool games

  • Pedro Moreira 5 mins ago

    What about mount and blade dude??

  • sandune02 5 mins ago

    some of these look interesting. but honestly all i want is another Supreme Commander (not that planetary annihilation crap), or a new Sword of The Stars. while sots is a 4x game it is still a strategy game.

    also i lost my shit at 10:13

  • Add Game 5 mins ago

    does anyone still remember the sim ant that exists years before this game?

  • Mr.Man The best man. 5 mins ago

    Games that test your cookie clicker skills are strategy. ;3

  • Ulquiorra Cifer 5 mins ago

    Relic completely fucked up Dawn of War 3 and didn't even consider polishing it. They ruined a decade old genre with their greed. DO NOT BUY Age of Empires IV !!! They will ruin it, too!

  • 02091992able 5 mins ago

    Petroglyph needs to make another Empire at War Star Wars game make it have more ships for each faction have more game modes maybe a era type of mode where you start out in the Early old republic era going through the different wars that the galaxy went though like the Jedi Civil War the War with the Triumvirate the Clone Wars the rise of the Galactic Empire the fall of it after the Galactic Civil War the war against the First Order and then the invasion of the Vong at the end. Also make it with the better graphics than the originals because Empire At War was great.

  • htf5555 5 mins ago

    Iron harvest looks so cool.

  • Max Petersson 5 mins ago

    AoE IV probably not gonna be that good. The third was horrible compare to the 1st and 2nd one

  • Lemon 5 mins ago

    Total War: Three Kingdoms
    Suprised this is here… Total War usually make TBS games not RTS… You sure you have this right?

  • Dark Revenants 5 mins ago

    Skylords Reborn comes out in 2 days

  • Christopher Peaden 5 mins ago

    iron harvest looks awesome

  • Forged battalion graphics are trash wtf is with games today they are getting worse!

  • PhantomWarrior18 5 mins ago

    I don’t care what others say but I CAN NOT WAIT for Age of Empires IV, I’m gonna pre order it

  • DarkBladeJH 5 mins ago

    Is it sad all I think when I see another TW game is "Oh look some more war games that will have a 5$ blood & gore DLC's"?

  • Hookie 5 mins ago

    Polish mech at thumbnail get my heart
    Edit: kochany Jakub 🙂

  • Mazhura ST 5 mins ago

    I keep hoping for a fresh FPS/RTS hybrid like battlezone. Commanding units is cool and all but commanding units plus fighting on the fly is just truly awesome imo

  • DaiReith 5 mins ago

    ……….I don't have time to play all these games!!!

  • MSDLF 5 mins ago

    id rather play Pikmin

  • James Riggin 5 mins ago

    Now much published about this game since 2015. Is this still being developed? Looks fantastic!

  • the hatred 94 5 mins ago

    8:22 i think a game closer to that would be warzone 2000 where you were in a post apocalyptique world, and had to design your own units