These are my top 5 android games that are worth a play, for May 2018. There just isn’t enough time to play every mobile game, so enjoy my android gameplay, …

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  • Tiny Little Games 1 hour ago

    What is your go to mobile game for May?

  • KB MX 1 hour ago

    returners? pfft trash compared to heir of light.

  • codylogan1 1 hour ago

    Nice work as always!

  • mvendi86 1 hour ago

    We're the same age, bald, can't afford real games, and like youtube. Bro, where you been at?

  • KGrace 1 hour ago

    I like how you tell us the dev. I know i wont ever play returners as soon as you mentioned nexon

  • Skotys 1 hour ago

    Love your channel. I am not playing every game you review, but I watch nonetheless because it's so entertaining! Great voice btw.

  • AquaLady 420 1 hour ago

    Where's your voice?

  • Μαριος Δεμπης 1 hour ago

    What about to review an Open World game this time. Please video review "West Gunfighter". An Open World West Mobile game. It is kinda like "Six-Guns" on Mobile. Please review it and I will be pleased a lot.

  • Rono Islam 1 hour ago

    What about REVIEW a GTA 5 fan made game

  • lineny man 1 hour ago


  • Mujtaba Ibrahim 1 hour ago

    looks like this month is quite shit.

  • Heroinedown 1 hour ago

    Dungeon x dungeon and Dragon ball Legends which looks different than Dokkan battle, these 2 are definitely interesting.

  • Shaun 1 hour ago

    Can you try to review Asphalt 9? Just use a VPN.

  • NimbleThor 1 hour ago

    Great video, mate. Definitely agree about Returners and Dungeon x Dungeon – two interesting games 👍

  • The Revolver 1 hour ago

    Nice video i hope to see your channel grow!! 🙂

  • File. exe 1 hour ago

    Good show..