Episode seventy nine of “GT Masters”, the review series where I will be assessing the best and perhaps worst points for the GT class racing cars that feature on …

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  • Shadow Mewtwo Gaming HD 1 week ago

    This is really cool I remember the other day I saw a Volkswagen race series featuring the Golf and the Scirocco it was really cool.

  • Crazy Awesomeness 1 week ago

    Omg that livery is coool!! Wish I was that good at making liveries. Have to learn to get better at some point

  • The Phantom Mongoose 1 week ago

    Grand tourismos poor sound design still bothers me

  • Its_Me_Romano _ 1 week ago

    Skoda on volkswagen?

  • Sponge1310 1 week ago

    Nice car definitely 😎 Cool Skoda livery also, just bugs me it’s says Skoda on a VW Scirocco 😅 I’ve made several liveries that are supposed to be on a different car, but then usually leave off any car brand names etc.

  • Naveek Darkroom 1 week ago

    How does the spec sheet of this Scirocco compare to the GT24 on GT6?

  • Da Racer 1 week ago

    HAMMER DOES IT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this car but for some crazy reason I won’t buy it, this time I’ll buy when I get off work today

  • Wesley Hayden-Sauer 1 week ago

    How does this car compare to the Audi TT Cup? I've been wanting to make an endurance race for Gr.4, but I've been torn against the two.

  • herculano guimarães 1 week ago

    it's so unfortunate that they took the scirroco out of production

  • DingKing 75 1 week ago

    I totally forgot about this car. It was one of my favorites in the beginning. Thanx for bringing it up.

  • W0lverine 1231 1 week ago

    The Gr.4 Scirocco is basically the Scirocco R from GT6 with it’s body mods and racing setup

  • Jack 189417 1 week ago

    it's op

  • gislasson 1 week ago

    thank you mr hammer another great review as also weird to look at this scirocco with a skoda livery but the matter is the car itself and you explain in the best way posible all the details of this machine thanks from venezuela keep it up sir!!!!

  • VENM UKF GAMING 1 week ago

    It’s one of the first cars I got and I really enjoyed using it
    Also, will you be doing a review on the Megane Trophy?

  • Headshotmonkey007 1 week ago

    Nice paint job. They definitely need to include more brands – Škoda, Bentley with Continental GT3, Volvo WTCC and STCC cars, the DTM cars as group 2.

  • Unknown Soldier 1 1 week ago

    Skoda ?

  • Naveek Darkroom 1 week ago

    You know, this could go in Global Contenders instead of GT Masters.

  • iM3GTR 1 week ago

    My best online race took place in this car in a one make race. Took the lead with an amazing overtake (if I may say so myself) on the last corner after keeping pace with the leader all race.

    Despite the FF drivetrain, it's quick and gives me a lot of confidence through the corners and under braking, at least before the tyre update anyway as I haven't driven it since. The problem is that it's a bit boring compared to, say, a Viper or a Huracan in my opinion.

  • GJ Greek gaming 1 week ago

    I wonder why the scirocco R is not in the game

  • RestingPirate 1 week ago

    First comment