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  • H DOUBLE M 31 mins ago

    Anyone know how to play the wii version with the gamecube controller?

  • Matt_Trees 31 mins ago

    I remember this game a long time ago when I was a kid. I kinda liked it.

  • Smooth Operator 31 mins ago

    Wtf I didn't know this game was rereleased

  • RagingWonton 31 mins ago

    This is actually very nostalgic

  • El Dorado 31 mins ago


  • NoahBones 12 31 mins ago

    Basically "The Big Adventure" Was the shitty ported version of The Much better Version with Boxart that wasnt gay "The Lost Expedition"

    Not the first thing Wii screwed up…

  • Dragon Hunter 31 mins ago

    Скинте ссылку на игру пожалуйста! Буду благодарен вам!

  • Casper Egas 31 mins ago

    Aha, you are from the Jagwire region of the world. Really like your channel by the way. Especially the 7800 reviews.

  • The Atari Creep 31 mins ago

    Hmmmm, looks interesting. Been thinking about building my Wii collection. Haven't gotten into the system much. Think I will keep an eye out for this one.

  • Shawn P. 31 mins ago

    I played the Gamecube version. It's a very underrated, fun game. I don't remember the Pitfall I and II sound being bad on the GC version….might have to pull it out and check to see. It's been awhile since I played it, but not to long since I played Pitfall II on an actualy 2600.

  • Rasdock 31 mins ago

    Looks really good. That croc Fatality at the end is brutal. "Finish him!"

  • Mike Rowsdower 31 mins ago

    I watched a playthrough and thought it was pretty funny. Nice job on the writing. If I had a Wii this would be in the library at its reasonable price.

  • spahr001 31 mins ago

    In my opinion, one of the Wii hidden gems.