The Knack 2 of 3D platformers.

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  • TheSwolOne 33 mins ago

    I like how there’s review Dunkley and then there’s scratchy voice dunkleborn

  • Pinto Beef 33 mins ago

    I just recently got Odyssey, and can attest from experience playing with my girlfriend turning into a T-Rex is fucking rad.

  • Not Michael Jordan 33 mins ago

    It’s a sequel to mario 64. So only 20 more years and we’ll see the sequel to this mastapiece. sigh

  • Kiabeta Main 33 mins ago

    Im playing this game as watching this… Dunkey I think you owe me an apology

  • bizmonkey007 33 mins ago

    I haven't played Mario since the NES, but this review actually, almost, kinda makes me want to buy a Nintendo console.

  • KUZER2 33 mins ago

    This video made me smile so much. I love this game so much.

  • Simon Wu 33 mins ago

    really makes you FEEL like mario

  • Ruworie LD 33 mins ago

    What’s that short music during the small montage before the “You can be a tree”

  • Banaboy 33 mins ago

    5/5 you can be a goombas

  • James is Something 33 mins ago

    “This game is fucking amazing” starts playing mario galaxy music, why?

  • Anime Addicted 33 mins ago

    Next is super Mario royale

  • Ben Riley 33 mins ago

    looks dumb

  • MrMuschiato 33 mins ago

    Mario is gay.

  • Sky Dream 33 mins ago

    U can be batman

  • CoolBeat Gaming 33 mins ago

    Just do it , you can be a tree, just do it~

  • Aiden Schwenger 33 mins ago

    Why is Mario galaxy music playing the whole time tho?

  • Guido Fedeli 33 mins ago

    "If you can play this game, and NOT feel some kind of emotion come over you… wipe yourself off man, because you. Are. Dead."

  • Luke Hartley 33 mins ago

    >talks about the great sountrack
    >consistently uses music from other mario game soundtracks

  • ThePenguinEmporium 33 mins ago

    NEW DUNK CITY! Dunkey's birthplace confirmed!

  • Fire369 33 mins ago

    Wait you can become a tree

  • chris campbell 33 mins ago

    ODYSSEY actually seems like the least replayable mario game.

  • Agustin Iturri de Luca 33 mins ago

    The vídeo is missing a part, The part where Dunkey clasified all The Mario Games in categories, the good games, the mastapeece And The big boys

    Is that part in another video or I just went nuts?

    Or Dunkey edit the video

    Need answer

  • TheHypozonian 33 mins ago

    What is the music playing in the end?

  • kanck 2 is better fam

  • Beni Woods 33 mins ago

    I know this is a one year old review, but I have to say something. This is literally my most watched video. I bought switch this May along with a physical copy of Odyssey. I played for 5 hours till I reach Mushroom Kingdom and stopped there, then I trade in the game for Bayonetta 2. After seeing Dunkey's video about Odyssey, I went to buy a digital copy so I can really enjoy every little bit of the game.

    This game is phenomenal, and Donkey's review is a beautifully crafted love letter to it, he tried so hard to goof around ( not in a bad way though, I mean his comedy timing is just pure gold), but he couldn't hide his emotion and passion for the game. I laughed my ass off first time seeing the video, then watch it again after beat the game to really appreciate this masterpiece, after 100% I came back and watched it again. It actually made me cried a little bit. I'm not a hardcore gamer by any means, but after playing 40 games on the switch, Super Mario Odyssey is still my absolute favorite.

  • Halil Küçük 33 mins ago

    Ceviri icin sagolun canlaeim