Rogue Wizards is a roguelike action/adventure/RPG that uses turn-based battles in a fast-paced environment for creating an incredible gameplay experience.

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  • AUTOMAKHAN 41 mins ago

    Hilarious! Cool game.

  • Kimberly B. 41 mins ago

    Great review, Smash. This game reminds me SO much of Fate, it's scary (which is not a bad thing, mind you). RG dungeons, gem slotting, town hub, pet companions, loot overkill—all things very reminiscent of the WildTangent series for PC. Though I will say, the graphical style is like nothing I've ever seen. Almost comic-cartoon like. Really original.

    Also, awesome use of the green screen, Smash. Looks like you had one heck of an adventure! xD

  • TheConsole Killer 41 mins ago

    Good shit ha ha. These randomly generated rogue like, survival type of games look pretty cool. Its one genre I havent really tried.

  • Sara Sue 41 mins ago

    Neat review I'm going to have to check it out

  • old style gaming 41 mins ago

    Nice looking game :-), great review…the tin foil helmet (not sure what you can tin foil over there) was hilarious as was most of the production… pleasure watching as always 🙂

  • Jav Geez 41 mins ago

    Excellent vid. This game is phenomenal. If I was into mobile games I would definitely get into this. I suggest upgrading your armor next time you get transported. Thanks for this

  • NorseCherokee87 41 mins ago

    That was great!!! XD The game looks pretty fun, I'm definitely interested! Left a like! 🙂

  • James Avery 41 mins ago

    ha ha a fun vid thank's!

  • AniMotion TM 41 mins ago

    Fair review as it's always the case with "JT". And as to "Rogue Wizards", the ability to teleport within floors, bonuses for defeating all enemies, and the replayability offered by the Gauntlet mode make it a good investment for its small price tag 🙂

  • Rebel Gaming Club 41 mins ago

    this game looks rad! great review jt. I'm liking your helmet.

  • Tylord Stevenson 41 mins ago

    Oh man, now I wish I had an iPhone. This game looks rad. Also, loving your effects!

  • Pharaoh TV 41 mins ago

    haha this was fantastic JT!! Very well done Sir!! Great job!

  • ELITE TEAM OKC 41 mins ago

    Excellent review!!You break it down in a clear and concise way!!One love from ELITE TEAM OKC!!Subbed and smashed that like!

  • Supreme Outcasts 41 mins ago

    Automatic like

  • shaun tullock 41 mins ago

    this is an awesome review. sorry i have been inactive. i have been working 12 hour shifts and may be all summer

  • Luke Lawson Plays 41 mins ago

    This was absolutely informative, and your edits were SOOOOO solid here sir!! Thanks for dropping this on us, glad to see you break this down and I appreciate you taking the time to put it all together!! It sounds like the inventory management system is it's only real downfall, and too hear you say there is TOO MUCH loot might be a great thing for some people, this seems pretty solid!!

  • The Retro Nobody 41 mins ago

    This game looks like a lot of fun. Loving the art style.

  • DOUBLESSTHEGAMER 41 mins ago

    nice almost at 600 subs bro

  • Jack The Battle Master 41 mins ago

    I`m going to play this game. Also love you editing skills

  • Grumpy Munchkins Comedy & Gaming 41 mins ago

    Hysterical and informative, Jt. Some really funny stuff in this video. Loving the tin foil helmet. I give this video out of 5 stars: A pooping hippopotamus!