The blue bitch crawls out of his grave for one final slam. ending remix …

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  • BukovTervicz 1 hour ago

    The roller coaster, I died

  • Marc-Andre Morel 1 hour ago


  • Neo Sonic 1 hour ago

    Dunkey shitting on SA1 puts a smile on my mug.

  • oceanpiez uwu 1 hour ago

    Sonic adventure was amazing

  • Gamen Snootdroop 1 hour ago

    Sonic was truly never good.

  • Jeevith Rai 1 hour ago

    Sonic Heroes was pretty awesome to be honest.

  • Dilve Diver 1 hour ago

    is it me or does this feel like the only game videogamedunkey has rated 5/5?

  • KUZER2 1 hour ago

    Sonic Adventure 2 was actually great though. And Colors. And Generations.

  • Has_Matt 1 hour ago

    I can't help but feel it's a bit sad that the only good Sonic game we've had in decades is just a revamped version of the original.

  • Shaun Terry 1 hour ago

    Well im sure we can all agree sonic 06 is the only game that fucking matters.

  • TheMonoxideChild 1 hour ago

    Shame on you talking shit about sonic adventure like that.

  • Daniel Barraza 1 hour ago

    It's refreshing how good he is at criticizing games from an objective point of view rather than subjective

  • nils son 1 hour ago

    like I just got this game and seriously I cant figure out how to play, am I stupid or what?

  • Андрей Капитанюк 1 hour ago

    Dunk, y u r lying about Adventure? C'mon, this vid is a (((dunkview))) and you are not even trying to be somewhat objective, you are just directly lying about "bad level design" (which was intuitive and fun even for me as a dumb kid back in the days, but not for some grown up "hardcore gamer" guy from youtube – who would have thought?!), because you are utterly biased marioboy who rather die than let any other game to a pedestal of his belowed Mario on a kilometer: <<if mario 64 was awesome then direct competitor from any other franchise is mega ass shit>> – just admit that this is exactly the case and we're done here. Agreed on Mania though, it's badass.

  • LTC21 1 hour ago

    At 4:07 the zeros looks like sonic’s eyes

  • Heartworn Fox 1 hour ago

    I hated sonic mania…

  • Mcgregor FAA 1 hour ago

    At it's core it really makes you feel like sonic

  • TalonNStuff 1 hour ago

    I think Sonic Boom is the only good 3D Sonic Game

  • Nicolai Austad 1 hour ago

    Maaaan, how can you disrespect Croc like that????

  • NinJartist 36 1 hour ago

    This game makes you feel like Batman

  • Tyler Dash 1 hour ago

    Sonic Heroes was actually pretty good, and that’s it

  • Kiki Lord 1 hour ago

    Sonic was great, but awful things happen…

  • BuTT DuNkey SoNick WaS NeVer gOOd

  • I WISH they would do this for the streets of rage games.

  • porks 1 hour ago

    Kalo neraka ada.

  • porks 1 hour ago

    Anak anak lu juga tar jadi fotokopian elu… biarinnn aja

    Jadi kerupuk lu tar digoreng di neraka

  • porks 1 hour ago

    Udah bunuh bunuhan aja. Anak anak lu yang bayar juga tar

  • chocolatewheelchair 1 hour ago

    I loved Sonic on Dreamcast

  • GenericMincraftLetsPlayChannel Dank Memes 1 hour ago


  • Senior BLT 1 hour ago

    Sonic was never really my thing, but gotta go fast amirite?

  • Griffin 1 hour ago

    Sonic Mania is the best Sonic game EVER

  • Nick K 1 hour ago

    Am I the only one who doesn't like modern Sonic's design?

  • HemiUnaka 1 hour ago

    Hydro city

  • 創造的なK REAL [yes it is] 1 hour ago

    you have an ester egg about you, and you didn't talk about that at all? man, you some humble pie, you got some restraint! give this dude a medal he deserves it.
    i'm gonna subscribe.
    i'm gonna like.
    definetly not gonna dislike.
    i'm gonna ring that bell.
    i'm gonna share.
    i'm gonna remember this.
    you know what's up alright.
    you're a champion.

    logan paul could really learn something from you, like REALLY.

  • J Walkrr 1 hour ago


  • Ducko 1 hour ago

    Sonic 2 is the best one

  • Jeffrey Graber 1 hour ago

    “Sonic was never good”

    How fucking dare you.