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  • Rohit Bara 10 mins ago

    Does drifting can increases the race time

  • Sheetal Rana 10 mins ago

    Another video about how to get more credits without hack as I don't have a farming car yet

  • Ifan Aja 10 mins ago

    How to win all races in asphalt:buy a credits&get a fastest car

    Your welcome

  • Tips on earning more credits and tokens

  • Wormy 727 10 mins ago

    No one says anything about unwieldy C class car handling drifting is nigh on impossible to not hit a wall this is why the motorcycles are good the handling is pretty good

  • PrAtHaMeSh G 10 mins ago

    This is cancerous tips😷🤒😷 , go and watch pro players Tips and tricks it will help a lot😀😁

  • LukeTheCanadian 10 mins ago

    Thank you, dan

  • Scott Krensavage 10 mins ago


  • ParkourAYCE 10 mins ago

    the last tip: you gotta drive faster then them to knock them down…. do you think you would be able to hit them if you were driving slower hhaha

  • Black Hat eMatrix 10 mins ago

    Want to know a secret on how to increase chances winning multiplayer race ???
    All need to do tuning your car is only max nitro to level 5 and if you have any pro
    kit cards to maximum pro level then use them all. This give you a greater chance
    of winning multiplayer racing as you will be competing mostly with noob drivers
    and you have slightly higher performance vehicle than some of the other racers
    but if you find the vehicle handling bit hard then buy 1 level of handling tune and
    see if this helps and try not to tune the top speed or acceleration level as this will
    force you to compete with more higher experience drivers and harder to win race.

  • Who the hell is driving he has no skill and is driving so badly that I’m annoyed and wanted to drive for him.

  • AceRay 24 10 mins ago

    volume 2 didnt happen

  • TheRealNinja 10 mins ago

    i do these and i still suck lol

  • Simone Racioppa 10 mins ago

    This is useless to me… How about to win seasons in multiplayer??

  • Aditya Venkatesh 10 mins ago

    How to record asphalt 8 airborne in Android

  • Azad._.Berwari 10 mins ago

    How can i fix my log in my gmail in asphalt 8 pleas😣

  • Team Rockers 10 mins ago

    1 like = be a millionair
    1 sub = be a billionaire
    scroll down = be very poor

  • Morpheus 10 mins ago

    When yr car hit the nitro… Firy thing come out from tires… How I did the graphics to high but still I don't get that flare

  • I got a team of Pumpkin heads 10 mins ago

    I love this series I am already in love with it and this is the first episode I watched! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🙃😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

  • ILuvWiFi :D 10 mins ago


  • Lam Tanghoang 10 mins ago

    I think dan show five tips is good

  • Fijcjp Jfjf 10 mins ago

    knockdown they other's
    good job cheap

  • L1GHTG30 GD 10 mins ago

    One tip, stop buffing the edd

  • boofus schmoofus 10 mins ago

    Thanks bruv, although it didn't help A LOT this video was still very useful to me and I am greatful for that. Good work mate.

  • inugami 10 mins ago

    everyone this tips and tricks is suck this is my tips and trick
    for android
    1.use the pad/touch control perfect nitro when the races start 3 tap nitros when your nitro full a curves
    5.repeat that

    for windows
    1.same like android but use the title control instead
    hope it works for you

  • TWL•Slayer 10 mins ago

    where is vol. 2😂

  • Help i dont get props and destructable objects

  • Fury_SpiritZ 10 mins ago

    Pro tip: Dont drift in gate drift mode

  • Victory 10 mins ago

    Can Someone Help? Every Race In Multiplayer I Do, They Put Me With People Up 200 Rank Above Me. It Makes It Impossible To Win. Any Suggestions?

  • Exactly 9999 subs Challenge 10 mins ago

    why on my asphalt 8 game when i do perfect nitro the fire doesn't come out of the back of the wheels

  • Pasi Sallinen 10 mins ago

    paid user is talking about how to win races in a pay to win shit

  • Linh Kim 10 mins ago

    I ve been race out of nitro

  • d bhattacherjee 10 mins ago

    ААwеsomееeе jоb

  • Nicole Flores Osorio 10 mins ago


  • TBNRPlebster 10 mins ago

    Background music pls?

  • Brenda Marshall 10 mins ago

    Sick man

  • Krzysztof Korzeniewski 10 mins ago

    Noob stuff

  • RⓔV_KasaneTeto 10 mins ago

    make a how to make asphalt 8 run faster

  • Meanne Del Barrio 10 mins ago

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    Guidеeеes рlасеd right hеre соmmоnlу wоrking. Just got that 9999999 Crеdits Аsрhalt 8 Hоw TTТo Win Мооorе Racеs Tiрs and Тriсks Ерisоde 1