Plants vs. Zombies 2 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 668! Battlez Gameplay! PART 1 ▻ PLAYLIST ▻ …

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  • JULIERETZ777 35 mins ago

    You forgot to do the piñata party ☹️

  • crbastow 35 mins ago

    I has parsnip too 😀

  • Konrad Skoske 35 mins ago

    thx zack for the battlez combo of plants

  • Kitsumj Hano 35 mins ago

    Laser bean op 🙂

  • Fatal Error 35 mins ago

    The next video please mention how to kill that “rolling thingy” in battles because I am having trouble with that, I used cherry bombs,jalepano and electric blueberry but it attack too slow, I tried using califlower but it cannot defeat that “rolling hamster”

  • THEDEATH KING 35 mins ago

    Stop using the spearmint until all of the graves are destroyed otherwise its useless it seems

  • JULIERETZ777 35 mins ago

    Every episode don’t forget to do the piñata party 👍🏻

  • alfian2611 alfian 35 mins ago

    This is a new zombie! Hamster Ball Zombie.

  • Jaziel Montoya 35 mins ago

    How do you get holiday premium plants ? Please tell me!

  • Joshua Martin 35 mins ago

    You were supposed to clear all the graves off of the field before laying down the first set of Spikerocks with the Spearmint, this way they all laid one copy each in Column 9

    It’s heavily based on RNG; sometimes the waves come out at different intervals and densities. Your score will vary widely.

  • anime/undertale fan Sans 35 mins ago


  • yoyoskettio the gamer 35 mins ago

    Pls play terraria

  • Alien Gurke 35 mins ago

    I hit 17Million new Battlez

  • Rugby kind 123 35 mins ago

    Do arms pleas

  • Astrocat 35 mins ago

    Episode 669 💦👀😹

  • Mouthwatering? yeah i know 35 mins ago

    You need to do an episode, that you DONT use caulipower

  • Jovany Ramirez 35 mins ago

    Why doesn't he play Plants versus Zombies hero again

  • one look man 35 mins ago

    I use that strategy actually.. but instead of the grapeshot I use cherry bomb..

  • Zombie 35 mins ago

    Greetings, Sir

    Can I Ask A Question
    What Hacks Do You Use? I Love It And I Like To Play it with my Lovely Imagination

    Sincerely,The Zombie

  • Nguyen Phuong Nam 35 mins ago

    If you don't bring Gravebuster then you can't buster the grave, duh!

  • Clarence Donato 35 mins ago

    Zacscott i got 400.00 score because i use the
    Shadow pea shoter
    Moon flower
    Power tile

    All must be level 7 or above
    ZACKSCOT because the shadow pea shoter and moon flower beacuse you dont have the power tile cause when i use the plant food on the sp-shadow peashoter it will activate half of my SP

    I hope you get to the top 3 so you go up the ranks in PvZ 2

  • تشلسي Dubaibi 35 mins ago


  • تشلسي Dubaibi 35 mins ago

    Plants vs zombies yes yes yes