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  • Detective Assasin 1 min ago

    12:36 Can see where Lex is coming from with Five it is so challenging .

  • Sagenator 127 1 min ago

    5.shi no numa
    3.nacht der untoten
    1.der riese

  • NoLimitAlan05 1 min ago

    My top 5
    4:Shadows of Evil
    3:Der Eisendrache
    Mob of the Dead

  • Benjamin Lucier 1 min ago

    Am I the only person who’s favourite map varrückt

  • Blob Is Bored 1 min ago


  • Logan Walton 1 min ago

    These are my Top 5 Best:
    1. Origins
    2. Mob of the Dead
    3. Der Eisendrache
    4. Gorod Krovi
    5. Shadows of Evil
    These are my Top 5 Worst:
    1. Call of the Dead
    2. Tranzit
    4. Verruckt
    5. Die Rise

  • Scott Thomas 1 min ago

    And as his excuse he says “I wasn’t around for origins and buried“ but he also wasn’t around for tranzit ether soooooooooooooo .-.

  • Scott Thomas 1 min ago

    Jack put every bo2 map after tranzit except motd

  • KOOLHI XD 1 min ago


  • Danny the man 0729 1 min ago

    Transit can go to a Conner and die

  • Danny the man 0729 1 min ago

    Best map of all time is der reise

  • fortnite save the world stuff 1 min ago

    My top 5 is
    5 mob of the dead
    4 origins
    3 buried
    2 Kino der toten
    1 town

  • YoBoyAdrian 1 min ago

    My five:
    5) Motd
    4) Der riese
    3) Ascension
    2) Kino
    1) Verrukt

  • Skinny Beanz 1 min ago

    top 5 best
    nacht der untoten
    (I like penis)
    of cers I like penis one reason is because it's big and hairy and beautroih;hssrtheujrefuysuirhuih

  • freddiemcfred12 1 min ago

    Does anyone know the song around the 15:00 meter mark that goes "I wanna be with you?"

  • Vincent Latora 1 min ago

    I don't care what anyone else says, but I fucking hate Shadows of Evil. It's the free, on disc starting map, and it's so fucking complicated and close-quarters that you can't get used to the new zombies engine without dying 100 times before you even find the god damn box! The on disc map is supposed to be relatively easy and simple so new players can figure out what they're doing. Shadows is far from easy and simple. I haven't killed a single Margwa nor have I opened Pack-a-Punch. And before you say to play with friends, let me remind you that the BO3 servers on Xbox One are fucking ridiculous. I lag while playing solo in the fucking campaign! WTF? How am I supposed to play with anyone when I lag in the campaign?? So I'm forced to play solo and get cornered by a Margwa when all I have is a Bloodhound and KRM. Fuck that and fuck Shadows.

  • Just Arnav :) 1 min ago

    Top 20 For Me
    20. Transit – Dog Shit, but I do have some memories with it.
    19. Nuketown – Small map, found it fun when I felt lazy but didn't play it very much. Not good.
    18. Shadows of evil – Overrated, not good at all. Weird octopus rock zombies and flying bat things. Boring. The colors are nice tho
    17. Zetsubou No Shima – There was hype surrounding the release but, i was kinda let down. Bad.
    16. Revelations – Again, Hype. Was so ready for this. Okay i guess, not good tho.
    15. Nacht der Untoten – Okay map. I don't hate it nor love it. Really fuckin tiny.
    14. Shi no nu ma – Same with Nacht, don't hate nor love. I used to like it a lot more when it first came out, I don't think it aged well.
    13. Vurruct – Its okay. Never played it that much.
    12. Die Rise – It came after Tranzit which was a plus. Never played it that much, but I had tonnes and tones of fun with it.
    11. Ascension – Tons of memories on this one, my friends love it heeps.
    10. Buried – Hella fun when it first came out. Loved it. Eventually started to get boring. The whole booze thing gets repetitive.
    9. Shangri La – Awesome map, kinda weird too with the fire zombies, the fucking baby gun which let me KICK THE BABIES and the tons of traps
    8. Origins and Mob of the Dead tied – Didn't know which was better so I put them together. Origin had so much to do, it was super blue and so much fun. You could spend tones of hours into it and still not get bored of it. Mob of the dead is equally as fun. The map design and the zombies are hella cool too.
    7. Der Eiesandrache – Second best map of bo3 imo, the whole winter castle thing was dope
    6. Five – One of my favorite maps, the fucking doctor, the Pentagon, the table glitch, the winters fury, there were soo manyy memories i loved this map
    5. Call of the dead – Hard choice between 5th and 4th. Call of the dead was brilliant. The cure to zombies, the cold ice water, and my nigga george who i would abuse for the wanderfaffle. This map was brilliant.
    4. Gorod Krovi – The insane dragon was super cool and the different weapons and everything! I love this map. Its simply put the best bo3 map period.
    3. Moon – A Masterpiece. At its time it was practically revolutionary, it was like 2 maps in one. The cool spacey theme made it all the better. The gravity was super different, super cool. The wave gun was fucking amazing and felt good. Moon is awesome.
    2. Der Riese – AMAZING. This map is so fucking good. It introduced so many things when it came out, the paca punch, the monkey bombs, teleporter, and wonder waffle. Nostalgia is one of the main reasons I love it so much.
    1. Kino Der Toten – Best. Map. Ever. Probably the most underrated, i have to many memories on this map its so good. When bo1 first came out this was my absolute favourite thing to do, and Im a multiplayer guy. It was super original, it had so much mystery, and them crawler explosion dudes, the map design was simple yet different at its time. This is the single best zombies map and nobody can tell me otherwise 🙂

  • Ben Parkinson 1 min ago

    shangrila is the best map

  • Caraon Leslie 1 min ago

    5 origins
    4 kino
    3 gorod
    2 de
    1 buried

  • Walker Lee 1 min ago

    My worst to best maps:
    21 – TranZit
    20 – Die Rise
    19 – Nuketown Zombies
    18. Five
    17 – Zetsubou No Shima
    16. Kino Der Toten
    15. Shi No Numa
    14. Shangri-La
    13. Shadows of Evil
    12. Verrukt
    11. Der Riese
    10. Acension
    9. Gorod Krovi
    8. Call of the Dead
    7. Moon
    6. Nacht Der Untoten
    5. Mob of the Dead
    4. Buried
    3. Revelations
    2. Der Eiesandrache
    1. Origins

  • Adam Shaw 1 min ago

    40% of this video was matt raging Pat saying i can see that and lex saying wow or really

  • EcHo 1 min ago

    My Top 5
    2.Shadows of Evil
    1.Die Rise

    A little of arguing and comparing with others wouldn't hurt…

  • Brayden Gonzalez 1 min ago

    21 tranzit
    20 die rise
    19 nacht der toten
    18 Nuke town
    17 shina no Nima
    16 verruckt
    15 der reise
    14 kino der toten
    13 five
    12 buried
    11 Shang er la
    10 zestbou no shima
    9 shadows of evil
    8 ascension
    7 gorod krovie
    6 call of the dead
    5 mob of the dead
    4 moon
    3 revelation
    2 der esichant
    1 origins
    Don’t mind my spelling 😂

  • gamerhood 420 1 min ago

    I love all the bo1 bo2 waw not bo3 maps for zombies but chronices i like

  • Logan Walton 1 min ago

    Lex. Please don't get mad at 21.
    21. Call of the Dead
    20. Zetsubou no Shima
    19. Moon
    18. Verruckt
    17. Die Rise
    16. Shangri La
    15. Tranzit
    14. Ascension
    13. Shi no Numa
    12. Revelations
    11. Der Reise
    10. Kino der Toten
    9. Nacht der Untoten
    8. Five
    7. Buried
    6. Nuketown
    5. Shadows of Evil
    4. Gorod Krovi
    3. Der Eisendrache
    2. Mob of the Dead
    1. Origins

  • Shah Bwaj 1 min ago

    5:06 mc predicted the future

  • S Goe 1 min ago

    Blackout is buried maze innovated

  • Drink Bleach 1 min ago

    I actually love die rise

  • Mystic 1 min ago

    2:39 lex started the “what do you mean?!"

  • jorgeram386 1 min ago

    7:13 fuck you but sangrala is my 5th fav map ever