this was a good surprise for me when i played it i enjoyed this 3d driving and flight game.

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video rating: 4.75
duration : 3:3
likes: 19
dislikes: 1

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  • Hernan Schamber 38 mins ago

    great game! I Love scaling games and always though sega cd needs more games like this

  • Andrew Peru 38 mins ago

    nice review, if I ever get sega cd this is on my list!

  • Panda Gaming 38 mins ago

    Oh god i want this but it's the rarest PAL mega/sega cd game and goes for hundreds 🙁 

  • KT Johnson 38 mins ago

    Looks pretty awesome. I have to get me a Sega CD

  • NOELGAMING1 38 mins ago

    It is my friends

  • jugghead82 38 mins ago

    Man this game looks tight