Here’s the first ever game any GX4000 owner would have played – the racing game that came with the console! Made by Ocean who did an excellent job, and an …

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  • Am i imagining the part that shows your progress around the course after the level finishes? Dots light up?

  • Stéphane M 18 mins ago

    very good thanks for the share

  • Soulful Keys 18 mins ago

    Ole classic. What do you think the FPS is (was), I guess around 6 – 8 fps.

  • Jason M 18 mins ago

    I had this game. I'll never forget the sound. That's NOT a good thing.

  • Alex Lum 18 mins ago

    sound engine is great. like a real one.

  • Smmmile:) 18 mins ago

    But can it run crysis on high settings?

  • karmixo 18 mins ago

    i have asked for this for christmas

  • PC-FX! 18 mins ago

    Can't enjoy the game properly with a 7.1 dolby digital system…

  • Flann Flynn 18 mins ago

    I don't think I ever finished a race! impossible it was.

  • MrThunderwing 18 mins ago

    Oh gawd, that engine sound is like some kind of aural torture.

  • DevilsTattoo77 18 mins ago

    Brilliant stuff, I don't think I ever finished a race. 

  • Stephen Callaghan 18 mins ago

    Well done on finishing

  • Tibelle07 18 mins ago

    Ma première console avec Burnin' Rubber nostalgie 😀

  • xuenilom 18 mins ago

    Wow this is a trip down memory lane. I actually had an Amstrad PC which took cartridges & this is one of the games I had. Must be 20 years ago +

  • Ronnie Bradley 18 mins ago

    Very good version of WEC Le Mans and the engine noise is pretty good for an 8-bit machine.  The WEC Le Mans for the Speccy sounds like a hairdryer farting.

  • RETROnuts 18 mins ago

    This reminds me of jaguar XJ220…Good Game,Had this years ago,wish i had it still..:D

  • Dinis Oliveira 18 mins ago

    So much better than Out Run

  • choudenji1975 18 mins ago


  • TechRyze 18 mins ago

    Sprite scaling and an enhanced colour palette. Fantastic stuff.

    If the CPC Plus machines had arrived a couple of years earlier with TV output built in, then they'd have had a real chance of grabbing more CPC owners and prolonging the machine's lifespan.

  • winston0024 18 mins ago

    i loved this game

  • Thomohawk 18 mins ago

    the first game I got with my old amstrad 464, along with target renegade.
    jesus that was yonks ago!

  • am1WolF 18 mins ago

    i missed the music dude , great upload , thanks

  • thegravelesssoul 18 mins ago

    Those are some sexy sound effects.

  • HauntedBoyStuff 18 mins ago

    When i was a kid i thought i was the only person to discover or know about the start line glitch, it was the coolest thing i'd ever seen, when the whole map turned to all these wierd shapes

  • The Wild Phoenix 18 mins ago

    Oh wow, my best mate had the GX4000 (We had the Amstrad 128k) and I was always fascinated by this bright, shiny, awesome game she had waiting to load whn you switched the machine on. But at the end of the day, I learned BASIC and she didn't, so I put my own games in 😀 Thanks for reminding me how much fun this was though!

  • Callofgun 18 mins ago

    @zimiou it's called slipstreaming

  • DelpoDJ 18 mins ago

    With my Amstrad 486 entering the tunnel, if you stayed too close to the wall causing an accident, the game stopped, as if it were a bug

  • FuzzyW 18 mins ago

    don't forget that it gets dark in the game… it was so amazing at that time

  • DeckyStrikesBack 18 mins ago

    If you sit at the starting line until the time runs out something weird happened to your progress map.Been about 18 years since iv played this now.Thanks for the upload

  • cuttock 18 mins ago

    This is easily the most beautiful 8 bit racing game I have ever seen.