Hey everyone for this review I take on the Capcom Beat Em Up Bundle for the Playstation 4 its also out on Switch, PC, and Xbox One. This game was bought by …

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  • Cornshaq 7 mins ago

    Hey everyone thanks for watching this was a nice surprise to see on PS4 the price of $19.99 isn't too bad for whats here even if I wanted a bit more from the title. The trophies are terrible I don't know why they couldn't have tried a little bit harder that trophy list is sad.

  • NoDak Savage 7 mins ago

    I cannot believe they didn't put Cadillacs and Dinosaurs on it

  • Aaron Fields 7 mins ago

    digital versions only? is a physical copy an option

  • VideoGameVictims 7 mins ago

    No Punisher? No Cadillacs & Dinosaurs? No Alien Vs. Predator? Strange to not include them in a package like this.

  • Big Mean Squeeze 7 mins ago

    mechs = my ♥️

  • corvettez06usa 7 mins ago

    Why the hell wasn't The Punisher included?

  • 김순열 7 mins ago

    i have Nintendo switch and PC. can it be played through cross platform??

  • Steven OConnor 7 mins ago

    It needed cadillacs and dinosaurs

  • HUB GOBLIN 7 mins ago

    I also would like a full screen mode I don’t like borders

  • blackruskie 7 mins ago

    i don't understand why some games like the yakuza series, and shadow of the colossus get a complete overhaul remake for the new gen consoles, while others like shenmue and every capcom game are just ported and re-released and get a pass from people.
    i understand people being nostalgic of the originals but if there is no updated visuals / frames option they seem like a lazy recycling of the same material for a quick money grab (which in my opinion is very spot on)

  • Reallife315 7 mins ago

    Capcom always does that – not putting a platinum trophy in. Not a huge deal, but still. RE4 should’ve had one. Lol

  • Twigg4075 7 mins ago

    Capcom is the king of lazy trophy lists.

  • edr777 7 mins ago

    Hey looks interesting. Lots of good memories of playing KoTR in college. Guess I'm an old school gamer at heart because I don't care about achievements or challenges. 🙂

  • Daniel Melo 7 mins ago

    all are for 4 players local coop?

  • Lee Hiyazaki 7 mins ago

    no cadillac & dinosaurs no alien vs predator ill just stick to to my M.A.M.E on my android

  • Yancade hand built games machines 7 mins ago

    No mention that there are zero video options. These games look horrible on modern tv without filters.

  • Megatech Body 7 mins ago

    Another great review. I don't know how you churn this quality out so regularly. Seriously considering putting in a preorder for the Japan physical released for December. My brother and I put enough quarters in Knights of the Round and Final Fight to buy the cabs outright.

  • METALFACEDOOM 7 mins ago

    PlayStation fans are too young to know about beat em ups.

  • Kyle Wease 7 mins ago

    I think I will wait for a sale price at the end of the year

  • Rokabur 7 mins ago

    Steam version has been delayed for several days (wouldn't be surprised if it was to include Denuvo).

  • GrijzeVos 7 mins ago

    All these reviews never go in depth in the online wich is the most important for me. Does it have online matchmaking on Switch?

  • Shawn Gorsuch 7 mins ago

    Would love to see a tmnt collection one day.

  • Count Robo 7 mins ago

    thx shaq

  • winterwolfryan 7 mins ago

    Capcom, patch in screen filters! Easy fix, will make them so much more enjoyable

  • Grouchy Dude 7 mins ago

    Do these games have save states?

  • Roy Batty 7 mins ago

    The online in this is a total lagfest,stick to single player.

  • GrafxGramp 7 mins ago

    is there a physical version or is this just digital?