McDonald’s Treasure Land Adventure review. Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow review of – McDonald’s Treasure Land Adventure for Sega …

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  • Daniel Thomas MacInnes 37 mins ago

    Ya gotta love how Ronald defeats his enemies by throwing salt in their faces. Also, his friends are all cheapskates. Overall, Treasure did a really good job with a colorful platformer, and some of the best music on Sega Genesis. Too short and too easy and not on the same level as Gunstar or Headdy, but worth a look.

  • blue red 37 mins ago

    if Ronald is so greedy in this game then how come he refuses the treasure at the end dumb ass

  • ajre82 37 mins ago

    small diet coke? wtf? are you a 4 year old girl?

  • Chris C. 37 mins ago

    The version I had was a tad different.  It had flowers instead of rings, and the dialogue was not mistranslated.

  • The FleshEatingMouse 37 mins ago

    You are better than the other reviewers on this channel.

  • Dachimotsu 37 mins ago

    This game, along with Ristar, Shining in the Darkness, Castle of Illusion, High Seas Havoc, Home Alone (the good one), and Sonic the Hedgehog 2 are among the greatest Genesis games of all time, in my opinion.

  • Drac39 37 mins ago

    This and the 7 Up Cool Spot SNES game are actually really good fun kiddie platformers

  • Emuraman 37 mins ago

    Strange, I remember playing a version of this game where the rings are actually fries and shakes, the item shop it's a mcdonald restaurant, and for last the health meter uses hambuguer icons instead of gems, which make much more sense in the boss battles, cutscenes and npc's conversations, but now I only found this "gems version…

  • Subject117m 37 mins ago

    Don't forget the Burger King. He's pretty creepy, perfect for a fast food mascot mortal kombat fight to the death. Shit, why stop there. Get Wendy, the Big Boy, all that shit.

  • Oda Swifteye 37 mins ago

    This game is sort of weird an interesting. First off. It's got great genesis sound. Second a decent cash in platformer and didn't whore itself out completely? Looks like cool spot has been beaten. Thirdly. The level design. Feels very much like Sonic the Hedgehog but on a weird level it's not exact but it's very close. Lastly. It's very strange. If I was playing that game and bumped into the swan lake level I would be confused for the rest of the day.
    They should probably sell this game again.

  • Ub3rGoob3r 37 mins ago

    Great review! I love me my Treasure games!
    I'm on an epic quest to collect ALL of Treasure's games, including the exclusive imports!
    This game is kinda sorta rare/uncommon, depending on your region or availability of retro games. I've never seen a copy of this in person, and to get one complete in its box on eBay, is like $40 or more

  • Sid Walker 37 mins ago

    i want this game on eshop

  • ModelJames13 37 mins ago

    Yeah why wouldn't he regain his health with hamburgers or something!?

  • Pit Icarus 37 mins ago

    Now days this games is $15-$20 without box or all the way up to $40 with the box. That's enough to eat on the dollar menu for a week

  • Crobarman11 37 mins ago

    I remember play thing game a bunch of times growing up. I thought it was a pretty solid platforming game or what I would call it when I was little jumpy game. Im glad it didnt have any burgers or fries flying around it was just Ronald in some magical land on an adventure. Alot better then say that spot game for seven up or the nargel game for dominoes.

  • Fry2Fly 37 mins ago

    The fighting game he said should be an add on to Mortal Kombat called Fast Food Kombat

  • SWillusionist 37 mins ago

    Wonder if this game was bein sold at McDonalds

  • Sam Gonzalez 37 mins ago

    This guy is a great reviewer! He's funny! He doesn't force it like Derek! It's natural!

  • BZPLAYS 37 mins ago

    lol really

  • BZPLAYS 37 mins ago


  • madgeniusdude 37 mins ago

    This game actually looks good.

  • Wiegraf Folles 37 mins ago

    Sequel please!

  • LyricalMasterMind1 37 mins ago

    A fun underrated game

  • Ketorulz 37 mins ago

    You know what's sad? They don't even show these mascots anymore in my country! It's all "healthy food" Happy meals, and an occasional newly branded Big Mac or Quarter Pounder clone with some random extra ingredient! Now you can have a extra dose of diabetes!

  • Baby Johnny 37 mins ago

    those green enemies were furbies. wonder if the maker of the furby knows about this. i got 2 furbies the 1st gen and second gen one and as far as i see there isnt a 3rd one out yet. point is mcdonalds was using them as a happy meal toy idea at the time and made them weird colors they didnt even come in if u bought a real one. who gave macdonalds the right to use them in this game. um pretty sure hasbro the makers of the furby didnt.

  • guysafari 37 mins ago

    That feeling you get when you expect a Mark review but than realise it's CGRUndertow….

  • The Great Saiyaman 37 mins ago

    THE HAMBURGLAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brie Russell 37 mins ago

    A criminally underrated game that constantly gets made fun of by people who never even played it just because of the license it happens to be based on.

    It's not one of the best Treasure games, but it IS a Treasure game. And if you're curious about checking it out, that's all you need to know

  • Brie Russell 37 mins ago

    Derek > This guy.

  • 09bigc 37 mins ago

    Idk why but this game some what reminded me of Sonic?

  • Morahman7vnNo2 37 mins ago

    He's a clown, what would you expect.

  • stringanime 37 mins ago

    @stringanime Sorry, I'm a little confused, of course Dynamite Headdy was released after McDonald's.

  • stringanime 37 mins ago

    @skyblue11685 I read somewhere that Mcdonald's was finished first but released after Gunstar, sorry I cannot provide sources. I read wiki, they are wrong McDonald's was released after Dynamite Heady, I was there. I bought Gunstar, NEW right away TREASURE was special, then Pre-ordered Dynamite Headdy, loved it, then when I found out McDonald's was the next game , I thought WHAT?? so I casually went out and bought one, then realized it was cool. Don't think it matters though, Treasure is awesome.

  • 1GoodRiddance 37 mins ago

    Who would develop such a game?

    Someone who got paid.