We have a plethora of updates to share with you including a Torbjörn rework, hero updates, and a seasonal event announcement! ESRB Rating: TEEN with …

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  • ghzt Gamer01 12 mins ago

    So umm what about hanzo mains

    Jeff Kaplan: hi guys so today we are going to be talking about hanzo’s arrow storm, it’s being removed but we are adding rapid fire rate to the normal bow and adding an new ability to travel faster because everyone keeps bitching about every new ability we add

  • orion fire 12 mins ago

    Welp sorry for you guys

  • Listen, a lot of people hate the Torb rework, and you really need to stop nerfing ults and making them E abilities

  • Giirbot Gamingz 12 mins ago


  • Jonathan Trusk 12 mins ago

    Please do something with this matchmaking already, because in 2 vs 6 PLAY VERY HONEST!!

  • Inchoate World 12 mins ago

    Fix mercy ples..

  • MasachzCz 12 mins ago


  • Modecris Junior 12 mins ago

    Hey Blizzard? When will Torb rework become public?

  • Bryce Boganwright 12 mins ago

    How about a leprechaun skin for torb during march for Saint Patrick's Day!!?

  • Is Overwatch suck game?

  • Nakisha Maclin 12 mins ago

    I deleted my overwatch it’s good BUT season 12 is trash

  • Dylan Mitchell 12 mins ago

    Worst idea ever don’t buff overpowered heroes

  • Ruby iscute 12 mins ago

    Jeff you are the man.

  • Black Richard 12 mins ago

    How to redeploy the turret (more than once)?!?!?!?!?

    Nice job on Pharah (as a Pharah main) but PLEASE give us headshots as Pharahs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (Although I don't like the enemy knockback change vs self-knockback. 🙁 )

  • WolfPack Games 12 mins ago

    Make a cat hero where his ultimate is jumping and scratching his enemies

  • 8BitMiles 12 mins ago

    Do you remember

  • silver Axel 12 mins ago

    Please bring mercy 2.0
    Why did you make her ultimate useless. its not fun to play mercy anymore . Its called “ultimate”. So it must be something insane plus mercy is a pure healer not a supporter. In the game her job is to heal and resurrect her teammates. Please bring the 2.0 mercy.

    Why can’t you make her resurrect cool down be 6 secs when valkyrie is activated and make it last 12 secs instead of 20 secs .

  • Jackoe O 12 mins ago

    I know this is torbjorn but I think dey should add scatter shot back with hanzo

  • Nick Chambernator 12 mins ago

    Why do I feel like he's reading Overwatch's Eulogy?

  • Nick Chambernator 12 mins ago

    7:10 Just say it Jeff, no new content, just minor tweaks and skins from now on out. Time to make overwatch 2 right?

  • Ya Boi 12 mins ago

    Would mind balancing out the classes? Their like half offensive lol

  • JerryMcFarver 11 12 mins ago

    PS4 didn't get the rework. How come????

  • Ironic Maniac 12 mins ago

    I think Moira is the bride. That gurl is crazy like Junkenstein

  • S0ul Slay3r 12 mins ago

    Very successful on supports, so Moira being able to reach 20+ ft and do hella damage with easy to dodge orbs, just holds the trigger to suck people make her like symmetra where she has a line and not a curve and make her have a certain range and cut the orb down on damage make it 5 damage not 10

  • DangerCrow 12 mins ago

    Why do they think every character needs to be viable/picked 100% of the time? Symmetra was fine. Torb was fine. They had situations where they were very viable. Balancing to make them picked more just means there will be more situations they are overpowered.

  • call of minecraft 12 mins ago

    NERF moita

  • Arjun Nagarajan 12 mins ago

    This game is dying. Bye!

  • Markus Jones 12 mins ago

    I guess you could they scrapped the scrap system

  • AgenteKris 12 mins ago

    I WANT EVENTS, why are you focusing on balance? You need to make the game more active not balanced ;-; Balance the game when there is not an important event.

  • riniuu 12 mins ago

    Everyone here is so rude, jeff already explained why there was no knew major game modes which is because there busy on making the actual main part of the game fixed and more playable which sounds pretty fair to me. I dont think people realize how long and hard it takes to do all of these things its nearly impossible for them to fulfill everyone's needs, they just pick the most important ones.

  • Mr Mask 12 mins ago

    I dont play overwatch just came to see if this guy was as lifeless as he looks, didnt dissapoint. now good bye.

  • Nicholas Moraes 12 mins ago

    Stop reworking!

  • Remix Pheonix 12 mins ago

    Zarya is the wife

  • LZR Blaze 12 mins ago

    "Molten Floor" ult name would be better

  • Shane Arnold 12 mins ago

    I have a 63 kill streak on my account as torbjorn, yes kill STREAK. Hes viable enough, leave him alone.