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  • FPrimusUnicron 28 mins ago

    18:15 XDDDDDDDDD that half-life comentary made my night

  • Unicorn Mistress 28 mins ago

    I really like you! You make me smile even with horror games. I watched a playthrough a few months ago on this game and today I seen you also played it and I'm checking it out again for your playthrough! If that makes any sense. Keep it up, I support your channel!

  • Alexander Willow 28 mins ago

    U know it's gonna B a good game when CJU has 2 close the door & says nope let's not go that way.

  • jang lemon 28 mins ago

    omgeeeee!!!! i really love your channel! geez i hope i knew you way back lol gosh you're so cool ! you deserve million subs!!!!

  • Stevinho17 28 mins ago

    you need more sub man good video good playing style perfect

  • Dummy52 28 mins ago

    I really enjoy the way you play games. You cut yourself out of the screen so the focus is really on the game, and then you look at details but act quickly and smart.Thank you! I have been looking for a gamer like that 😀

  • Ella Enchanted 28 mins ago

    Spending my day watching your videos. Will never get tired. I love you!!! From the 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  • Berke pilavcılar 28 mins ago

    your voice is like radbrad he has millions of followers but you dont why thats happening GODDD

  • saiyuri sayuki 28 mins ago

    I absolutely enjoy watching this guys gaming XD

  • Yan Lang 28 mins ago

    I like ur videos! You are such a smart player !

  • Zz Hetty zZ 28 mins ago

    19:32 It's incense. Looks like someone left an offering, maybe for her or something else.

  • NightcoreGoddessDk Music 28 mins ago

    I seriously hate when she suddenly pops up out of nowhere! It scares the shit out of me! xD

  • azhaar113 28 mins ago

    Footprints? U dont even have legs 😛

  • Fine Ch 28 mins ago

    Finally getting the courage to watch this series (I'm Thai so I know we're relatively skilled at the horror genre :D). The newspaper layout "THTH" I believe is based on the real Thai newspaper called "Thairath" Even the color scheme is very similar! I hope the behavior of the 'ghost' isn't so predictable like this one though, still enjoying the LP so far 🙂

  • Melon Berry 28 mins ago

    game has one of the worst voice acting i ever seen. It is not natural. The guy literally see tons of blood on the floor, saw a monster twists her head, demon portal, and didn't even fazed one bit. extremely unenthusiastic responses, not normal human like behavior.

  • That Annabelle-doll looks out of place for some reason.

  • kevin schiele 28 mins ago

    real nice video!!

  • drexter sagun 28 mins ago

    is this free to play?

  • Vicki Smith 28 mins ago

    It's so nice to hear actual commentary, rather than someone high pitched screaming into the mic. Subbed!

  • Mad Law 28 mins ago

    the doll wasn't scary. I thought it as kinda cute.