Hi and welcome to this LIVE hands on review of Benjamin’s Adventure! No idea what is waiting for me here…let’s see how this goes!

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  • dtz1000 1 hour ago

    Good review but need to find better games to review in future.

    Much less work doing it live rather than having to do all that editing.

  • Christian Gens 1 hour ago

    Danke für das Review. Als einer der (gefühlt) wenigen Daydream View Besitzer, ist man erfreut über jede neue News oder Appreview.


  • GVY UU 1 hour ago

    is there any game worth it..this game is worth 5 cent only..

  • Lucas Medina D'Abate 1 hour ago

    This is great. One good addition I think you could consider is scheduling these. I've seen other channels that create reminders for their live streams, so when you're live more people is present and can ask you questions about the games.