Sofia’s First Kiss . Princess waiting for kiss from prince. Make princess kiss the prince, watch out for animals! Don’t let them catch you kissing!

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  • HayanoKunMMD 10 mins ago

    She's a kid.

  • Nila Afsari 10 mins ago

    Adegan yang tidak boleh di tiru

  • Andrea Holness 10 mins ago

    I thought Flynn rider was in love with Rapunzel not Sofia and I thought Sofia was in love with Jake from never land prirates

  • Jihan Amirah 10 mins ago


  • Azen Azen 10 mins ago

    عيب عيب عيب عليكو

  • XxLegendaryUnicornxX 10 mins ago

    So awkward flynn and sofia ….. no.

  • Isabella Theisen 10 mins ago

    Wow flin… AKWARD.. hes like 30 and shes like 9

  • Pennywise Fan Girl 10 mins ago

    why is sofia kissing flynn rider instead of hugo???

  • Sandra Richardson 10 mins ago


  • Sandra Richardson 10 mins ago


  • Crystal Shadow28 10 mins ago

    is that Flynn rider??

  • Amandis You u 10 mins ago

    Doesn't Hugo have black hair?

  • Lizeth Camila Duque Trujillo 10 mins ago

    eso es mentira hugo le gusta a sofia no el de enredados

  • My life My world Friendship is family 3 10 mins ago


  • Minnie Mause 10 mins ago

    Hallo Freund .Thanks Super video

  • Myworldspoken 10 mins ago

    Awesome video, what's next? I would love if you could check out my channel and maybe subscribe?