Hype Break takes a look at the top 10 upcoming action games of 2019. Opening Music by: Simon Chylinski Voice, Editing and Written by: Ian Miles Cheong …

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  • Dislocated Thumb 8 mins ago

    got a feeling death stranding is about the intricacies of the US postal service

  • DEADBEATchess666 8 mins ago

    Already like yourself and Warski so I`m biased but for the record I`m digging this channel lads, keep it coming, peace from the uk

  • SoldierOn 8 mins ago

    What are your thoughts on the postmodernism in Metal Gear Solid 2? Do you think that'll be something Kojima will come back to in Death Stranding?

  • Gunbeard_Samurai 8 mins ago

    I was hoping for a parody vid, that just lists out battletoads 10 times. Eh, maybe next time. xD

  • Taleric1 8 mins ago

    Untapped "daily video" idea. People have dozens of early access titles they have purchased or are watching. There is not a good system to hear when updates hit that make them play ready or great new content.

    Do a quick shot on interesting updates that people might consider revisiting. Or planned updates.

    Massing that information in a single source has not been done to my knowledge.

  • Петр Кондратьев 8 mins ago

    Funny how only desent games on this list are from Japan. Exept Kingdome hearts and Death Stranding.

  • Cath Cat 8 mins ago

    You owe the anti-SJWs an apology btw. Shitting on them saying their genre was dead only to jump right back into it after crashing and burning. Sad. You fucked up royally. This gaming channel won’t go anywhere either. RIP

  • Lance Johnson 8 mins ago

    Already improvement from the previous vid. Good job Ian. Waiting for more.

  • snoop lenny 8 mins ago

    Andy pls this channel is so boring at least put some jokes or actual content in this

  • Cameron McKee 8 mins ago

    Most boring voice ever. People only watch for Andy warski.

  • Moe Zuiter 8 mins ago

    you MIGHT be uploading at the wrong time.

  • Anomander Rake 8 mins ago

    Top ten most unoriginal channels on YouTube?