Blunt of Game Face takes us through the Top 5 PC Racing Games as voted by the team @ Gface, 2016.

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  • HarshRrrr 36 mins ago


  • Stradius Official 36 mins ago

    Raceroom Racing Experience free to play:
    RFactor 2 free download:
    Project Cars free download:
    Project Cars 2 free download:
    Assetto Corsa:
    DiRT Rally:

    Are games i have tested but for RFactor 2 i am not 100% sure if it is worked now….

  • Andrei pinky 36 mins ago


  • Nathan Bertelink 36 mins ago


  • Song in intro?

  • really good 40 sec of intro….

  • Alzoubi quresh 36 mins ago


  • Morsurator 36 mins ago

    I dont mind intros. i do mind intros that are half as long as the video itself is… WTF

  • meanraax 36 mins ago

    seems to be nice clones..

  • Breaking Reality 36 mins ago

    Omg What an intro lmao

  • Abhishek Sharma 36 mins ago

    wat's the deal with the slo-mo ?

  • Samir Khoja 36 mins ago

    good video bro. top 5 motorcycle racing games pc??

  • Blathilzar 36 mins ago

    Holy shit you have the most boring voice ever. these games now make me depressed and sad after hearing you drone on about them.

  • Tarek Dz 36 mins ago


  • Breaking Reality 36 mins ago

    Wait I fell asleep in the intro ;p

  • Breaking Reality 36 mins ago

    Damn, What an Intro!

  • jan ove Bjornseth 36 mins ago

    where is the Iracing……????

  • Robert Deford 36 mins ago

    I love racing games, but the PC is the most limited in terms of variation. The sim community seems to be all about open wheel racing and/or GT style racing. Whenever I have tried to search for mod's or race servers/leagues/etc for things like spec Miata, IMSA, Trans Am, etc etc, there hardly is anything.

    Meanwhile most (recent)Arcade games only focus on a handful of newer car's that people enjoy and, maybe a handful of cars that are less than 5 years old and, honestly I don't care all that much about the latest supercars. I do care about some of the more unknown and, neglected but awesome race cars, because a lot of people have no clue about automotive history, past what they see about "classic cars".

  • Kung Cidro 36 mins ago

    i liked the intro alot tbh

  • Hippy Monkey 36 mins ago

    What is the music under the rfactor part?

  • Kacicka999 36 mins ago

    What were those SICK sounds at the begining ? omg…

  • Viorel Rusu 36 mins ago

    the best and well made top i've ever seen

  • John K 36 mins ago

    Hey I luv ur english accent, you make great vids and its a pleasure to watch it, thanks a lot. 🙂

  • MrFerraristadoc 36 mins ago

    rf2 is the must!!!

  • Angrygrandpa Behind a cancer 36 mins ago

    The music at the start was sick A+ also subbed

  • petros aspropoulos 36 mins ago

    where is the Iracing……????

  • buetang 36 mins ago

    What VR setups are good? Might be a nice follow up vid.

  • Notkots 36 mins ago

    im looking for a pc driving game similar to gran turismo 1 in terms of campaign. Licenses, races, buying cars and car parts. Anybody know of 1? I've been looking but cant find anything