(the) Video Kid is a skateboarding runner-style game, disguised as an 80’s & 90’s tribute game. Initially appearing to be a strong callback to the original …

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video rating: 3.83
duration : 5:6
likes: 23
dislikes: 7

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  • RaikaSTi 1 min ago

    played and beat it as well as unlocked the she-ra character. i agree the sounds are far too mixed with other sounds. a lot of stuff goes on on the screen.

  • LTWC 1 min ago

    I just spent the 5 bucks for the quick 1000 gamerscore on Xbox. My favorite part was when I finished the course as She-Ra and my girlfriend kissed me on the crotch at the end lol. Agree with ur review…it's just ultra-repetitive pandering. The distorted voices of chipmunks and fraggles shall haunt my dreams..

  • death by dart 1 min ago

    Why apologize for having a critical viewpoint? Lukewarm and negative reviews are generally more helpful when it comes to deciding if a game is for me anyway. What kills the game for me is the throw spamming and having no "ammo" or consequences for screwing your client base, like wrecking their windows etc. And what the hell is up with that massive window that fills your screen every 5 sec with a perfect mailbox throw? What a missed opportunity.

  • Xavier Roberts 1 min ago

    Paperboy was the shiz. Getting the papers in the mailbox. Breakin the windows of the non subscribers lol

  • Doug Dager 1 min ago

    Gotta agree to disagree on this one. It’s a fun trip while it lasts. My only complaint is that the game is short otherwise very much enjoying the game for what it is a paperboy inspired joyride thru the 80s

  • John 1 min ago

    Yeah, when I saw this I instantly disliked it, since it obviously defines itself solely on its nostalgia and references. It's one thing to create a game which channels nostalgia into something of its own making, but quite another to produce an obvious point-scoring (no pun intended) exercise like this. I often feel there's something slightly cynical (or at the very least patronising) about these kind of games. "Oh, you liked Paperboy, don't you? You remember the 80's, yeah? Well see just how good you can feel about yourself by recognising as many (completely arbitrary) references as you can!" Gameplay looks rubbish in any case…

  • hgi is a dick 1 min ago

    I nearly published this on PC. Oooooof. Lucky escape

  • Matt Fox 1 min ago

    Thanks for the review! I was gonna buy it due to the PaperBoy vibe. What a shame.

  • Warisarcy 1 min ago

    I always thought this game looked like Paperboy ever since seeing it popup for pre-order, didn't think that it would be such a poor quality knockoff with how much attention I've seen it get. It just doesn't seem to differentiate enough to be worth a buy.

    Review aside, I have a question for you. I was considering turning my gaming channel in which I post Switch/Xbox clips and giving a try at game reviews as it's been a desire of mine for years. Any tips?