Xbox One is getting loads of amazing games in 2018. Here are the top 15 you should be excited about. What games are you most looking forward to? Pop them …

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  • Sapiosexual Man 1 hour ago

    It's NUCLEAR winter! NOT NUKELAR winter!

  • Bobby Stress 1 hour ago

    I dont think people realize that Red Dead Redemption isn't the first in the series, the first is Red Dead Revolver

  • Cynric NG 1 hour ago

    When Does metro Exodus come out?

  • Laceless Shoes 1 hour ago

    I'm 11

  • Johnson Osborne 1 hour ago

    When I heard his voice I instantly thought of ali-a

  • Edzel Mejia 1 hour ago

    I was like, "those graphics are totally mind blowing.." but then I realized they're for the X and not the S.

  • Skipper847 1 hour ago

    Why not play the PC versions of the remasters?.

  • Eric Derosa 1 hour ago


  • Rackesh Singh 1 hour ago

    fun is gone from games. motherfuckers dont know how to make fun games anymore

  • 2na Dynasty 1 hour ago

    Did she start by saying Ooh-bisoft and not U-bisoft?

  • Armin_Arlerrt Games 1 hour ago


  • Teo OTR 1 hour ago

    You forget assassin's Creed Origins

  • Greg Harris 1 hour ago

    Double tap fast forward for vids like these

  • adam owen 1 hour ago

    If you like gaming check this out

  • First Name Last Name 1 hour ago

    Succ me daddy

  • oobeesoft

  • Fayzerbeam81 1 hour ago

    jurasic world i wonder how big the poop pile is of those huge dinosaurs and where it is ?realistic?

  • Punk Gamer 1 hour ago

    No spiderman hahahahahahahahahaha

  • joepapi619 1 hour ago

    really really corny writing, guys

  • LiLnaserXXL O 1 hour ago

    Sooo alll the 2018 games ok

  • RacerNoah 1 hour ago

    I bought Far Cry 5 ON release 😀

  • Annaya Kashif 1 hour ago

    plezzzz undo the subtitles 👎👎

  • Diamond Heart 1 hour ago

    Driving games ?? suggestions

  • Dara Karadas 1 hour ago


  • John Cole 1 hour ago

    Why do i have to download a game that i bought ? Why does it have to take so fuckn long to download ? Why do i have to have wifi to play my games that i bought ? That belong to me ! Why do i have to input so much of my fuckn personal information to play games that i bought and are mine ? I will never buy anything else from xbox one.

  • Ethan Ulrich 1 hour ago

    Absolutely amazing list. Video games are starting to comeback!!!!!!

  • DAWSON DRAKE 1 hour ago

    Anthem and Metro Exodus

  • Dean Henderson 1 hour ago

    I love far cry 5

  • TILDEDQUIN 1 hour ago

    tip:do a short review over 1 game,THIS WAS TOO LONG!

  • Jack Kirkland 1 hour ago

    This girl's voice is so annoying, I literally had to mute her every time

  • Warren Diehl 1 hour ago

    Are there any games for Xbox that runs 3D? I have a 3D tv still and I could play a couple games on my ps3 in 3D and it was awesome

  • Jay mo 1 hour ago

    First I've seen of Monster Hunter, Capcom take notice. Implement some long forgotten Dino Crisis style and firearms before release! If not, meh

  • 김재일 1 hour ago

    Can you korea? I korean

  • JayCruz Cruz 1 hour ago

    Were is fortnite

  • Will Walker 1 hour ago

    He just started the video by saying "what's up gays"…

  • MitchDog 013 1 hour ago


  • Jason G 1 hour ago

    Jurassic looks so good itd be awesome if they had a turok like mode where you can hunt them

  • John Benn 1 hour ago

    Some of these games aren't exclusive to Xbox platform.

  • KMC20 1 hour ago

    I don't want the Crew 2………


  • Jack Slash 1 hour ago

    Urgh this just felt like one huge Xbox one X Advert.

  • Aaron H 1 hour ago

    Crackdown looks a lot like the borderlands art style

  • E A M 1221 1 hour ago

    Looking ahead the Xbox has still barely sold any units wow

  • Jamie Az 1 hour ago

    Jurassic Park VR as an original film game would be a fuggin dream come true. When Star Wars VR comes out I'm quitting my job.

  • Aaron 1 hour ago

    Are the games out yet

  • Voltron Nortlov 1 hour ago

    TES VI

  • MH DARKSTORM 1 hour ago

    All good, But when is the Minecraft Super Duper Graphic Pack coming ?