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  • DarthMessias 5 mins ago

    Although it is annoying when you have to look up symbols, I don't think it was anymore irritating than what you usually get from a lot of other board games.

  • FrostByte096 5 mins ago

    I have to admit u make the best board game reviews.

  • Scott F 5 mins ago

    I got my info from Asmodee directly. I was told that the warping was an issue on the first run that had not been made available for purchase but made available to reviewers. I was told that the problem had been taken care of. That's unfortunate to hear that it is still a problem.

  • Lanfearl1 5 mins ago

    Tons of people on BGG are having major issues with warped boards. And the publisher is basically telling people there is nothing they can do. I'm not sure why you are telling people (incorrectly) to feel "assured". It's the number one commented thing in the BGG forum for the game.

  • Rundlii Gaming 5 mins ago

    sounds like a good next game to possibly get in the future.

  • RogCBrand 5 mins ago

    That's a good point about having to decipher symbols! A really great game needs to be intuitive and easy to understand. Anything that makes you have to stop and look something up is going to cause some frustration- and life has more than enough frustrations, but gaming should be purely about having fun, without feeling like work.

  • ijasop 5 mins ago

    zombies are flooding the market

  • jsullivan80 5 mins ago

    I would have liked to see the tired side have different character art on it.

  • paxton73 5 mins ago

    Ameritrash rules!