Dead Space (Full Game Movie Playthrough) No Commentary [1080P / 60 FPS] Longplay Gameplay Walkthrough LetsPlay Full HD Part 1, Ending. PC Ultra …

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  • Mike Wilde 29 mins ago

    No Dead Space: Extraction & Ignition Yet?

  • Gergious95 29 mins ago


  • firem78910 29 mins ago

    is it a full walkthrough like 100%

  • Ja- -Getti 29 mins ago

    Will a 1070 graphics card with 144hz monitor be good enough for max settings on dead space?

  • Yuuki Aoshima & Homura Akasuki 29 mins ago

    Fun fact: that’s a sign that an infector type necromorph is about to be born 49:58

  • Yuuki Aoshima & Homura Akasuki 29 mins ago

    Oh wow, it actually is visually enhanced, awesome, man. 😁

  • Аноним Анонимный 29 mins ago


  • Rage Quit 29 mins ago

    jesus, this mod is horrible

  • Matheus nsb 29 mins ago

    Great video dude, can you say where did you find this mods? I'm looking for this beauty quality.

  • Anton-Michael England 29 mins ago

    I think release and platform are mixed and should be an alien scourge

  • Eldon Grimes 29 mins ago

    Please keep making videos P.B your awesome and I hope your doing good.

  • TheMothman001 29 mins ago

    Hard to believe it all started 10 years ago now…fuck I miss Dead Space.
    Great gameplay!!

  • Jin Lightning 29 mins ago

    I gotta ask, how did you get it to look like this??

  • McPotato McMuffin 29 mins ago

    Didn't know where else to comment this. P.B., would you ever be interested in playing Alice: Madness Returns?

  • okti512 29 mins ago

    Quality upload! I can hardly tell that this game is from 2008…. With just a bit of polish looks good as any other modern game out there. I still remember how everyone kept saying that this is "the most scariest video game ever!". Looking back now looks a bit cheesy with those silly jumpscares and all, still great game though.

  • trxpped.feelings 29 mins ago

    Keep it going 👌👌

  • koosa583622 29 mins ago

    i don't like the way game looks with those mods, colors are too saturated and there's too much shine on everything

  • Aryan Roy 29 mins ago

    Finally, PB is back!!!!!!!!!!

  • marxxplaysgames 29 mins ago

    36:38 holy shit…that was funnier than it should have been

  • BeardedRemmy 29 mins ago

    Is dead space 2 & 3 in the cards? or have they been done?

  • Behelit 29 mins ago

    Modded up the ass! 👌

  • Raphael Jantjies 29 mins ago

    Where did you get your mods bro? Especially the input lag fix. Have this game in my library not installed at the moment and you just made me wanna play it again hopefully not rage quiting because of the input lag..
    P. S.. Great vid with great quality!

  • A Superior Cat 29 mins ago

    So excited to see this legend on your channel! Thanks for the excellent footage!

  • H.Wolf 29 mins ago

    amazing clean gameplay as always ,
    guys if you like horror gameplay with comentary too , chek out my starting channel i have some interesting ones ( sorry if this is like a self promotion just its hard to start)

  • Jobe Jacobs 29 mins ago


  • poul g exner 29 mins ago

    Excellent playthrough. I have watched only some 20 minutes or so but already there is no question about the quality of this recording. You make a third person perspective feel like first person. The camera and the modding made it possible but the gamer made it happen! Amazing! For example watch the sequence from 22:04 – notice the way Isaac exits the lift. He's afraid. He does NOT want to die… He's there, dude! And so am I… I never expected this! Wow.

    P.B.Horror gaming is one of the best channels for playthroughs- if not THE BEST… Now I'm gonna watch some more. Bye.

  • ear1yb1rd 29 mins ago

    hard for me to complete this game because of the scary sounds

  • Subsaibot2526 29 mins ago

    I was planning on starting this game on very hard mode. But I'll watch this first.

  • The WolfMan932 29 mins ago

    Thank you. I needed this. This is my favorite one out of the whole series.

  • Angélica Spiel 29 mins ago

    So cool!!!