Featuring AngerBeard: And Purrluna: AngryJoe takes a look at the latest movie licensed game, …

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  • Rene Aensland 1 min ago

    This game fucking sucks.

  • perryco34 1 min ago

    Got this game for free. It’s garbage and luck based. Dead by daylight is so much more fun.

  • scotty28653 1 min ago

    Played it after I got it free with my plus subscription. And ya it's fun, but not worth what they were asking for at launch. Now that its free its just a fun game to kill time with.

  • OcelotPlissken47 1 min ago

    Just tried it as a free ps plus game, what an absolute garbage game, lol.

  • alex duffy 1 min ago

    who else is here because its free on ps plus right now?

  • Nut Ringos 1 min ago

    It’s free on the ps4 right now , I think it’s an absolute steal.

  • GNDiego 1 min ago

    come to see the review since its free on ps plus

  • Ryan Grey/Gray 1 min ago

    Freee with PSPlus

  • Bvddh Bdhdhd 1 min ago

    PlayStation plus anyone?

  • birdie 1 min ago

    It’s coming to PS+ next month
    Halloween is here

  • Roony Odesho 1 min ago

    Who is watching this again after it got free on ps plus

  • Tremor Voorhees 1 min ago

    Who wanna play Friday the 13th game? It will be free on PS plus until this October

  • Teirdalin Three 1 min ago

    I wish I had friends to play this with. It does look like a lot of fun to play online; so far just been doing vs bots. lol

  • Rokei 1 min ago

    I prefer dbd

  • RAUGET 1 min ago

    What's the name of the song that plays during the credits scenes at 25:54?

  • Ken Kaneki 1 min ago
  • Edwin Seda 1 min ago

    Whose watching months after the lawsuit?

  • Parag Sarker 1 min ago

    Thanks for the earrape

  • Check One 1 min ago

    Did this channel really rip off the “Angry Video Game Nerd”? Smh. How original.

  • Enigmatic Varan 1 min ago

    This game's on humble bundle along with Dead by Daylight

  • AngelXD 1 min ago

    sadly when i play trolls mess everything up lol

  • Gorden Harney 1 min ago

    2:42 the final projuct ?

  • Bruno Seriese 1 min ago

    If only there was still a playerbase…

  • yolanda Kikou 1 min ago