Details In 1274, the fearsome Mongol Empire invades the Japanese island of Tsushima and …

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  • Ysrael Meza 13 mins ago

    Why do I feel like this is running on a ps5

  • Dante butcher 13 mins ago

    Noih 2 looking great

  • Sohil Sidhick 13 mins ago

    i totally want to play this game with Japanese voice acting

  • Sohil Sidhick 13 mins ago

    with every minute of this gameplay
    xbox died a little…

  • Humam Khan 13 mins ago

    i am a gammer and i play this game

  • henry au 13 mins ago


  • Assam Churchill 13 mins ago

    Breaking News: The Mongols have invaded China.
    We've invaded China…said the Mongols.
    Please respect us or else we might invade you as well."
    Okay!… The sound of unsheathing swords…said Japan

  • Aman R 13 mins ago

    When does it come out though?

  • Екатерина Зацепина 13 mins ago

    Лучше русские субтитры сделали, ничего непонятно, а уж играть в эту игру тем более.

  • My ratings of the 3 samurai games 2018:
    Ghost of tsushima – 10/10
    Sekiro – 9/10
    Nioh 2 – 5/10

  • Siddharth Patel 13 mins ago

    Mark & Execute with sword 5:405:49. Really, splinter cell and now this. One day they'll make Mark & Execute for hand to hand combat

  • Iderbayar Hurelbaatar 13 mins ago

    Its not mongolian language change and check the our language

  • icecold723 13 mins ago

    Is this coming to Switch?

  • Cruzeiro5x02008e2009 13 mins ago

    I wonder what Leonardo da Vinci's comment would be like for this game!

  • Riel Ochoa 13 mins ago

    nice game

  • Rojae Davis 13 mins ago

    That moment when a new game is more assassin's creed than the actual assassin's creed that came out this year

  • Christopher Keller 13 mins ago

    This looks badass

  • Joseph Bryan Nuguid 13 mins ago

    When you tell Ubisoft you want a samurai game and they make something else every year

  • Shaq O'Neal 13 mins ago

    Dat music

  • Alessandro Cornacchia 13 mins ago

    So basically an assassin's creed-like game. Same mechanics. Ugh, visuals are stunning but i guess it's gonna be boring

  • Truth Louisianimal 13 mins ago

    My gawd!!!😮😮😮

  • JMCninja 13 mins ago

    i love game graphics that match the cinematics. how much space would this game take up?

  • Logan McAllister 13 mins ago

    Between this and Sekeiro Shadows Die Twice I'm scared for my social life

  • Nathan Chapman 13 mins ago

    The story is pretty accurate for the timeline. As well as the fighting, it's a bit flashy but it will do. It's fun to see a game taking the time when the Japanese started learning they cant fight fair fights all the time and started resorting to more tickeries and such. However they never can get the strapping right for the time period if you want accuracy pleas change that huge detail. The Japanese up untill near modern would step to to heel. Opposite of our heel to toe motion of walking.

  • Alain Charles 13 mins ago

    You late no you impatient im gonna keep that for my co worker!!!

  • Daniel Pv 13 mins ago

    Pretty cool game,well done it

  • GrayWolf666 13 mins ago

    I only wish they used PS4 graphics instead of PC…

    Regardless I'm getting it. This is everything(seemingly) that Tenchu was destined to be.

  • TheRufflesLove 13 mins ago

    e essa folha da maconha vermelha ai

  • Максим Черных 13 mins ago

    Где это купить?

  • Sergey 53 13 mins ago


  • CIBER CENTER 13 mins ago


  • Darius Durham 13 mins ago

    Xbox just took a really fat L

  • Ronney 13 mins ago

    need a PS4 just for this game, what a beauty… Imagine this on a high end PC!

  • dead eyes 13 mins ago

    Legend level environment graphics+sound.