NEW GRANNY 1.5.0 UPDATE!! I put an end to Granny’s spider and then make a mistake by shooting the gasoline can with a shotgun! BOOM! ➡ Let’s smash …

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  • Thinknoodles 58 mins ago

    See all the 💕? Make sure to tap the 🛎for notifications on my videos and streams so you can be one of the first to comment so you can get one too! 🍜🍜🍜

  • Halima Alam122 58 mins ago

    You no I killed granny for 9 minutes

  • Halima Alam122 58 mins ago

    Where are you live and your address please I want you you are so sweet and I saw you to play grandpa my favourite game is school girl simulator I want you play this game it's so fun also you can make lovers and kiss and I like this game ☺☺☺☺

  • Aimee Lejeune 58 mins ago


  • Pixelated Fortnite 58 mins ago

    The cat emoji makes it less skarier

  • Gazelle 58 mins ago

    Granny's spider creeps the $#@+ outta me!

  • Halima Alam122 58 mins ago

    What we do with book

  • dova I want to be friends with Alex 58 mins ago

    Be careful

  • dova I want to be friends with Alex 58 mins ago

    Be careful

  • Mark Kidder 58 mins ago

    i think yur going to beat stupid granny

  • Asael Brodhead 58 mins ago

    Play Jeff the killer revenge

  • Jaelynn Pham 58 mins ago

    By the way that door In the garage lock her in there

  • Jaelynn Pham 58 mins ago

    By the way holding the teddy will lead granny to you and her eyes turn red

  • PIZZA GIRL 58 mins ago

    The reason she came back is because whenever someone holds the teddy she knows where they are like if you are under a bed and she didn’t see you she knows you are there because she always knows where you are if you are holding the teddy also her eyes turn red ^~^

  • Senula Jayasinghe 21 (STUDENT) 58 mins ago

    bro i just love your show it is awesome and i like how you are so expresive

  • kelly nichols 58 mins ago

    There is a castle update and meep

  • Gerd Ellner 58 mins ago

    I Think the talking Animal is best at the top😀😁😂

  • Connor Eagle 58 mins ago

    U need to ram the car into the wall when u open th garage door

  • Marti Begov 58 mins ago

    Dame Gasolina


    Play slendreana X plz😢

  • Sisters forever 123 58 mins ago

    Hablas español?

  • Ellie_ Playz 58 mins ago

    How are you so good? 😭

  • anne jamieson 58 mins ago

    Think: granny where have you been: granny: I was cutting my hair darling: think: but ur ugly hair is fine: granny: how dare u now I will be evil hahahaha

  • anne jamieson 58 mins ago

    Think when I first watched ur vids I watched granny and I learned from you so Tysm think

  • Emery Medcalf 58 mins ago

    Kill the spider!

  • Caleb Burwell 58 mins ago

    How did granny become a killer

  • npog queen 58 mins ago

    You can hide from granny in the car

  • juan lizama 58 mins ago

    My brother laughs so hard at 3:52 I love your video

  • Task Force09 58 mins ago

    3:52 😂😂😂

  • Rajeshwari Shetty 58 mins ago

    3:52 nice song!!!!!!

  • Vasile Roman 58 mins ago

    you need the car key

  • glo glo crafty 58 mins ago


  • ASI ADMIN 58 mins ago

    Why did you blow up the gasoline idiot!!!!!!!!!

  • Ezekiel Turrecha 58 mins ago

    alright with this version ive done easy without extra locks but im still working on easy with extra locks. now i always keep my crossbow and shotgun on my room so that if i die i could kill granny right away, but when i got beaten by the spidfer, cauz i stupidly used the crossbow to hit it, because i cant find anymore ammo then i died, then i couldn't see and i dont know where my shotgun is

  • carnell carpenter 58 mins ago

    The hell
    What happen

  • Norma Rendal 58 mins ago

    Thinknoodles your the best youtuber

  • Maxwell Forgues 58 mins ago

    You crush the wall

  • You forgot about the car key

  • Grace Rodrigues 58 mins ago

    Did you see the teddy bear you get that and go to the upstairs where you see the gasoline there's a crib then put the teddy bear inside of the crib

  • Hayley Au 58 mins ago

    ESCAPE WITH THE CARRRRRRR PLEASEE lol can you please escape granny with her car?

    Gave you a like
    lol sorry I can’t subscribe. Not aloud to lol 😝

  • Ammara Ilyas 58 mins ago


  • HeLLo NEIGHBOR A100 Dan Hussain 58 mins ago
  • agawed agawed 58 mins ago


  • D. Munford 58 mins ago

    if you grab her teddy bear she will come and you will hear a kind of heart sound ok littlebuddy

  • D. Munford 58 mins ago

    please play fortnite please

  • Tre Vasquez 58 mins ago


  • Tre Vasquez 58 mins ago


  • MB DeCapua 58 mins ago

    Hi I'm n n Nicholas