For the Finale of Disappointing Games Month, I review Ride to Hell Retribution. Widely known as the worst game to come out during its time, this biker game …

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video rating: 4.84
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  • Game Taco 3 mins ago

    Congratulations on 700k subs, TOVG crew!

  • MC Chase 3 mins ago

    Well… at least it's not horrible… unlike Bubsy 3D, and the Saw games

  • Joe Mello 3 mins ago

    It's pronounced Fisch

  • K Brunson 3 mins ago

    Game has so much potential though

  • Bobby M 3 mins ago

    You actually made the concept sound good…

  • TheMobyh 3 mins ago

    That's a csgo map at 11:28

  • Dylan Ryan @ Mohamad Dylan Bin Mohd Daniel - 3 mins ago

    Ride to hell? More like ride through hell!

  • Some dude 3 mins ago

    I really want someone to do this idea justice on the ps4

  • The Potato Captin 3 mins ago

    I checked on and there are trophies for the DLC.

  • Grant Beach 3 mins ago

    “This May sound a little racist”

    Goes on to say nothing that could even remotely be construed as racist. You think someone has an accent. That’s okay, no need to be a pussy.

  • dolo747 3 mins ago

    jeez.. just play this piece of shit without all of the cutaways and banter

  • Mininessie 3 mins ago

    ProJared said this game was bad

  • legend123ify 3 mins ago

    3? Don't you mean reboot right?

  • Dean Martin - Robert H Lagerquist Sr PS (1473) 3 mins ago

    You are amazing

  • 邓龙豪 3 mins ago

    I don’t want Jake Conway to make an appearance in any crossover game. Especially Super Smash Bros. He has no future in gaming industry.

  • Tommy Johnson 3 mins ago

    donate it to the dumpster

  • anime fandom 3 mins ago

    Why are you doing this to yourself

  • Bobbie Holbrook 3 mins ago

    Ho-ly SHIT – 107 hours!!!
    You have the patience of a saint, sir. OF A SAINT!!!

  • ADoredModestColt 3 mins ago

    "Donate it"

    … Jirard I think you mean Burn it. Burn it and Burn it good

  • Bluedark Darkness 3 mins ago

    The dedication you must put into this to not die while trying to complete this garbage… I Admire you.

    But.. Donate it? i don't hate anyone THAT much

  • NickyvMLP 3 mins ago

    I'm almost positive you didn't get all of the fully clothes sex scenes, four seems way too low

  • PhoenixBird99 3 mins ago

    This Game Is Truly, A Ride to Hell.

  • Michael Gallagher 3 mins ago

    Is it bad?

  • Taran Singh 3 mins ago

    Donate it?! The rating of the game should be burn it!

  • Glen Wang 3 mins ago

    4:14 – Now realizing that both RTH and Mighty No.9 are published by that same darn studio, I think I'm going back to the corner of the room… to cry like an anime fan on prom night. 😭

  • The Craze Maze Gamer 3 mins ago

    25:59 background hand lol

  • Klux Redyard 3 mins ago

    To this day i cannot put in words how hard it is to watch the top 5 boots in gaming clip,even knowing that its a joke,but to that end,i know it's still not nearly as bad and painful as Ride to hell Retribution,

  • Dark Dragon716 3 mins ago

    Saw II i see it its over there and sanic over there and wheres projared? He should be over there (not a bad thing)

  • Rave D 3 mins ago

    Why was that racist?

  • Rave D 3 mins ago

    Why was that racist?

  • Michael Kaczmarczyk 3 mins ago

    Dude this is like the Toxic Avenger of the seven gen era. It’s a fucking classic

  • Firestar Hart 3 mins ago

    I wonder if they could get it right with this game by remaking it for a remaster? It seems like there was potential and it ended up shit away.