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  • Diana Erichsen 10 mins ago

    I had this on my wishlist but was not sure if I really want it, now I am sure! buys it on PS4

  • greenLeaf gecko 10 mins ago

    Amazon has this for $30 Nintendo Switch

  • AWDTH1111 10 mins ago

    Absolutely one of the best games I've ever played. So extremely peaceful yet exciting at the same time. Haven't touched Breath of the Wild in weeks since getting this game. Will be getting the Switch port when it releases.

  • Interesting….I kind of like that too, the aspect of no combat…i mean finally, I can just play a relaxing type game and actually relax ! lol. This is up for pre order on the switch..

  • dudeman8622 10 mins ago

    It's only 7.99 right now

  • Daria Pechurina 10 mins ago

    zelda clone

  • Kodesai 10 mins ago

    Completely lost interest at "no combat". Good luck though!

  • Hovis Steve 10 mins ago

    This game caught my eye a while ago.  Probably get the game if it gets relatively favourable feedback upon release.

  • Barry Strunin 10 mins ago

    Looks great can't wait to play it

  • Suissinho #β24! 10 mins ago

    Looks like a really good game, I WILL PLAY IT!

  • QueenNuts 10 mins ago


  • Kyle Culver 10 mins ago

    Wow. Just wow. This looks incredible.
    Also, that opening music! lol 😛 Really cool!

  • Sandreelz 10 mins ago

    Holy crap this looks super interesting! I may pick this up! Great video DBT! Thx!

  • Boa Constrictor 10 mins ago

    I love it! Thanks for this DBT! Indie Devs rock!!! Most of what I've played over the last several years have been indie games, and 95% of those games were under $30 CDN. I can honestly say the AAA titles simply don't inspire me to shell out $60-80 CDN for what is largely IMHO, rehashes of what's already been done 100 times. This looks like tons of fun, gorgeous, and seasons! Very cool! This is the kind of game I could blow a whole day at chillin' on the couch. Wishlisted! 😉

    First time I've heard your new intro/outro music. I'm diggin' it, has a very retro 8-bit vibe to it! OK, let's go 16-bit so as to not seem quite so old, haha.

  • 30nStillgaming 10 mins ago

    Great video man. Didn't know about this game I might have to check this out