Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – Review Subscribe: Does Ubisoft’s latest Assassin’s Creed game, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey mix up the formula …

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  • Kevin Strom 53 mins ago

    Have about 15 hours in this and….holy shit is it fun.

    Well done Ubisoft.

  • Dustin Carron 53 mins ago

    "game reviewer" doesn't know you hold square to roll smh

  • Marco Hoehener 53 mins ago

    „needs to be played multiple times…“ i really look forward to play this one but who was 150-200 hours for one game with so many great games coming ou all the time.

  • Oh my god, did this guy not figure out you hold SQUARE/X to roll? Wow

  • Ali Gillani 53 mins ago

    It definitely took many cues from Witcher and for good. I don’t mind seeing this franchise turning into RPG from action-adventure.

  • Jason Savage 53 mins ago

    This Is fucking Sparta!

  • Usami SomesortofTouhouCon 53 mins ago

    6:30 you can roll during the fight by HOLDING the dodge button.

  • Noah Kahan 53 mins ago

    Also you can't say that it becomes clear "early on" that your decisions matter, if the decisions impact later battles. That is a bit contradictory because in reality that means it takes some time to become clear that your decisions matter

  • Noah Kahan 53 mins ago

    I would argue that the combat is both faster and more challenging than origins.

  • Ashwin 53 mins ago

    Watch mojo sent me I said it okay

  • Graphic Lotrik 53 mins ago

    watchmojo sent me

  • The Gadget Geek 53 mins ago

    Nice review.

  • Andy Peters 53 mins ago

    Not happy with this crap…this isnt assasins creed

  • thovader 53 mins ago

    Great review, very well done!
    I really want to play this title but since I don't have that much time anymore for games I might wait for Red Dead Redemption 2 instead, which will be a black hole as well 😉.
    A real shame though as Odysey looks very fun and promising.

  • wizzo 65 53 mins ago

    MALAKES ..! 🤣

  • DP METAL86 53 mins ago

    Standing on your horse and jumping on to enemies is fun. Hold L1 when on your horse. ⚔️

  • 4Runner King 53 mins ago

    Honestly, I’d like to have a dlc where I can have black flags shanties, when I’m sailing in this game. I don’t care about immersion, I want to hear Leave her Johnny, Randy Dandy oh, Drunken Sailor, Running down to Cuba, Roll Boys Roll and all the others. And yes I’d pay 5 bucks for that

  • Oldranos 53 mins ago

    Well, you can roll during a fight…

  • Jonathan Vella 53 mins ago

    How is the choice of character a step in the right direction for ac?

  • THIZZAVELI 53 mins ago

    300's creed: WILD HUNT
    Shadow of sparta's creed
    Mercenary's creed: THIS! IS! SPARRRRRTAAAA!!!!!!!
    Dark spartan's: assassin of kings

  • only issue i have is that i constantly need to pretend this is not an assassins creed game to enjoy it and i just wish Ubisoft had the balls to make this its own unique title instead of trying to capitalize on the assassins creed name.

  • ProWedd 53 mins ago

    "for the first time.. the franchise offer's both male and female lead…"
    check your facts…
    did you forget about Jacob & Evie Frye from Assassins Creed Syndicate???

  • Alex Vitelli 53 mins ago

    You can most definitely roll during a fight. Hold the dodge button instead of pressing it.

  • Krombopulos T 53 mins ago

    OMG they re used the Music from AC2. I LOVE IT. that is the best theme for this game. heart of assassin

  • Durazno Durango 53 mins ago

    They copied witcher 3 so bad, even the alex guy has the same fuckin hair style as geralt lol

  • Worthee 53 mins ago

    6:35 he says you cant roll in combat, but you can, you just have to hold dodge