Plants vs. Zombies 2 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 670! Battlez Gameplay! PART 1 ▻ PLAYLIST ▻ …

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  • Aidil Amri 21 mins ago


  • sengkit lee 21 mins ago

    missing ailmint

  • sengkit lee 21 mins ago

    Goo Peashooter fires poison peas

  • sengkit lee 21 mins ago

    Goo Peashooter

  • sengkit lee 21 mins ago


  • sengkit lee 21 mins ago

    winter mint. pepper mint. enforcement. enlighten mint. enchant mint. conceal ment

  • MaNor Karras 21 mins ago

    my score is almost 20 million with shadow pea gold bloom and spear mints with grape shot for problems

  • Misu Mic 21 mins ago

    I reached 19 mil with shadow peashoter moonflower and cherry bomb to clear the mass of zombids

  • Whale Dude 98 21 mins ago

    Starfruit Epic Quest?

  • Daniel Dombrowski 21 mins ago

    Why is their… MINECRAFT ZOMBIES IN BATTLEZ! ?!?!?!?

  • Didier Jakobs 21 mins ago

    Can anyone help me? Is it stil possible to get plant costumes? If yes, how?

  • Bayu Aji Priyalingga 21 mins ago

    the best player,

  • Whale Dude 98 21 mins ago


  • Whale Dude 98 21 mins ago

    I cheat using Bombard-Mint.

  • mr. cheapskate64 21 mins ago

    Zack just letting u know if u are gonna use electro pea use caulipower behind it

  • Jack Matney 21 mins ago


  • im bob 21 mins ago

    Hey Zack! Heres a setup idea 4 u! One line of wintermelon one line of starfruit one line of sunflowers(optionol) another line of winter melons another line of starfruit and the final line of winter melon!

  • alfian2611 alfian 21 mins ago

    Epic Quest.Starfruit

  • Flame cRow-Gaming/music 21 mins ago

    Good video!

  • Louis G Jensen 21 mins ago

    For the upcoming match, use only Primal Peashooters, Iceberg lettuce, and other Peashooters.

  • isabel Tirado 21 mins ago

    Zack+ plants = ULTIMATE BOOST

  • Caitlin Virginia 21 mins ago

    Zackscott your the best!! I love watching your vidz!!!

  • BattleCats Maniac 21 mins ago

    I have been playing for four years but my devices keep breaking so now I am not that fortunate and my high score on battlez is 621k

  • Crowrose90 21 mins ago

    Use spike weed! It pops the hamster ball just the piano zombies in the wild west

  • Zombie Peashooter 21 mins ago

    I don't know how you guys but i have a maxed out spear mint (btw the game is not hacked)

  • MaNor Karras 21 mins ago

    i have whatched all episodes from 1 to 670 i love your channel practicall you make to many videos sometimes my nontifications is filled and my subscrioption

  • Ball up 21 mins ago

    zack please read this the spikeweed or spikerock instantly destroy's the hamster brawls

  • Wacky ._. 21 mins ago

    Remember the first episode?

  • this game used to be so simple..

  • Thien Nguyen vu 21 mins ago

    I like video

  • Vatali 21 mins ago

    My record; this week was 13 320 000, using same strategy but instead of snapdragon i am using grapeshot

  • Mariangel Sandoval 21 mins ago

    ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffer gan offer gad

  • kamran atahi 21 mins ago

    In my opinion Zack is the best plants vs zombies player I've ever seen

  • Cameron Baum 21 mins ago

    Do my combo homing thistle gold bloom jelapeno pepper the tall nut the repeater and the cherry bomb
    You start by putting one homing thistle and one repeater down

  • Astrocat 21 mins ago

    Primal potato is good.

  • Werten a.k.a Hoshi 21 mins ago

    Can’t wait until this series hits its 1,000th episode.

  • Vuk Blagojevic 21 mins ago

    I think I'm too good I have 4.5 million coins :L

  • Romeo Espina 21 mins ago

    Highest so far is 17M.

  • August Wolf 21 mins ago

    His frustration starting at 32:57 is just hilarious and fun to watch.. Always nice watching you Zackscott.

  • Alien Gurke 21 mins ago

    My highest Score is 18,75Million this week!😁
    With Moonflower and without Gold Bloom.

  • Trương Phước 21 mins ago

    Hi l like your video

  • Chase Dawson 21 mins ago

    Hey Mr. Scott! Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do, make our dreams come true!

    The Office.

  • Debs Abdon 21 mins ago

    Thanks you for mentioning me for the second time in your video, I'm glad to hear that my strategy helped you 👏💖🎉

  • one like is all I want 21 mins ago

    Op strategy Place three citron's in a row

  • David Larkin 21 mins ago

    Anyone remember the first episode? Great video, friend.

  • xxtoxicxx 21 mins ago

    Use a power leaf on a recharging plant

  • Xavier Garibay 21 mins ago

    I am still don’t how to broke my million point again everyone help me out please

  • Rebecca Holcombe 21 mins ago