Crash Team Racing review. Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow review of Crash Team Racing for Playstation 1. A kart racing game for the original …

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  • Mary jo Bazan 1 min ago

    Am I the only one who thinks Pinstripe is the best character in this game? I mean, this is the first time we hear him speak and GODDAMN was three games worth the wait! His voice is just so awesome and s*xy… wait did I just say that?! Anyway, I think I'm weird wanting Pinstripe to be real… FIGHT ME!

  • RuFul RF 1 min ago

    Te copiastes de sdir 14 mentira era broma xd

  • Theta 1 min ago

    If only Mario Kart 64 was as fast and exciting and varied. I don't think any MK game's a touch on CTR.

  • Alex Thomas 1 min ago

    Dr. Grim? Purma? What the fuck?

  • King PinK Rool 1 min ago

    Dr grim ?

  • supercalifragilisticexpialidocious 1 min ago

    my chilhood! wish i still had this game

  • Crash's Underwear 1 min ago

    He's so right about choosing between consoles being a big deal. I myself will have to choose between a PS4 or Switch later this year.
    And no, I'm NOT going to buy BOTH, everyone who thinks money grows on trees.

  • Adan Delgado 1 min ago

    dope game

  • Grigori Rasputin1990 1 min ago

    once i heard this fagboy speak i left, only derek had an appeal tbh.

  • Stankyg55 1 min ago

    im glad i bought this game from the psn store 🙂

  • Smithers 1 min ago

    The way to get the most out of this game is through powersliding. The speed difference between spamming the powerslide and just driving how you were in this video is enormous.

  • sergiorubalcava253 1 min ago

    I remember buying this as gift for my cousin, but I ended up keeping it for myself lol.

  • Macaco 1 min ago

    my nostalgia feels is over 9000!!!

  • Albertas Andruskevicius 1 min ago

    this game beter that mario kart wii

  • James D 1 min ago

    The nostalgia is string with this one…

  • Caro4060 1 min ago

    even better than mario kart 64

  • Miguel Figueroa 1 min ago

    the best game racing

  • bohdan kiuneberh 1 min ago

    Do you even powerslide, bro?

  • Hudesko 1 min ago

    Crash Team Racing and F-Zero X both completely destroys Mario Kart 64.

  • Flaming Liger 1 min ago

    This runs laps around Mario Kart 64 😀

  • felix8709 1 min ago

    Great game. MK64 and Diddy Kong Racing are still superior though.

  • GrayWoIf 1 min ago

    Question how do you do Powe slides I got this game today and I thought it was like Mario Kart where you just hold R then release it but nothing happens here

  • R3DHULK 1 min ago

    …Who the hell is Dr.Grim ..???

  • Jack Valentine 1 min ago


  • Brett Buescher 1 min ago

    How can a power slide happen to you? I swear these are some of the worst reviews I've seen

  • TayR0C 1 min ago

    Still better than Mario Kart.
    All MK needs is a single player adventure mode, and it might finally be better.
    IT wasn't as good in multiplayer, because I would always be half a lap ahead of everyone else since the game required skill and not as much luck as MK.

  • MrMoneyclips 1 min ago


  • Dustin Nunn 1 min ago

    I always loved Crash Team Racing. But there are some things I don't understand: the game is called "Crash Team Racing". I played the game before, and there are no racing teams in the game. In Crash Nitro Kart, there are racing teams. Crash Team Racing should have been called Crash Nitro Kart and Crash Nitro Kart should have been called Crash Team Racing. Makes no sense at all. And by the way, there never was a character named Dr. Grim. Thumbs up if you agree.

  • Erkka Järvinen 1 min ago

    Dr. Grim? Who the hell is that? Do you mean N. Gin? hahaha 😀 And why don't you use powerslides? Not even once during this video did you use those slides. I'm sorry, but you're just horrible at this game.. It looks like you played this game for the first time ever!

  • wwemonkey619 1 min ago

    Awesome game but my copy got stolen

  • Mayhem Gaming 1 min ago

    i played the hell out of this game years ago!

  • qX Doombringer Xp 1 min ago

    Ah, I've been playing this game ever since I first got my copy, Ive had such great times playing this, in all honesty, it may get me some hate, but I much preferred this game over Mario Kart.

  • propaneinator64 1 min ago

    Great review. Did you call N.Gin Dr. Grim, that's hilarious and kind of a cool name. But seriously i love this game.

  • Goose Sandwich 1 min ago

    who the fuck is Dr. Grim?

  • Anthony Grigorian 1 min ago

    Still have it all these Years

  • Ex0dus 1 min ago

    This game was amazing, been playing it for 11 years. (i'm 15)

  • SHADZA4321 1 min ago

    I played this game so much I actually can stay ahead of the bosses once I get in front of them, and I don't mean like a close race, I smoke those guys.  XD