Fortnite (PC, PS4, Xbox One) is a paid early access game long in the making. Is this survival builder horde mode zombie shooter hybrid worth the hype?

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  • gameranx 23 mins ago

    This video has aged poorly lol

  • eu so ixpertinho 23 mins ago

    this will be free this year so just wait unless you live in a nice country with good economy, not like me who lives in brazil and has to pay R$ 122,00 for playing it (R$= Brazil money)

  • god of gaming 23 mins ago

    In an honest opinion Fortnite is being looked at in a certain perspective and from what I am hearing is that it isn’t worth buying. There are numerous amounts of people saying that there are better games and that you shouldn’t waste your time. I don’t know if I want to get it people help me decide.

  • K&CAnimations 23 mins ago

    For all of you that don't have StW, or didn't play it in season 2, the music was freaking amazing. If you want to experience it for yourself, visit CapitalCorn. He/She uploaded a playlist on the old Fortnite soundtrack.

  • *Deez Nuts* 23 mins ago

    One question guys!
    Do i need to turn off deep freeze before buying it?

  • psychoticbastard 23 mins ago

    And now the latest, when you get to tier 92 and in Battle Royale you can have the original music and guess what save the world gets fuck all

  • TheKrayze 23 mins ago

    There was one 11 year old who thought it was BR

  • CyaDevGT 23 mins ago

    You can download save the world without paying by going to the options. It says to download STW for 6.26 gb.

  • Aman Khanna 23 mins ago

    I’m getting this in a week 😀

  • Snidge 05 23 mins ago

    Do you need ps4 plus to play

  • Void Prompts 23 mins ago

    I don't understand why fortnite players won't just buy another game instead of playing this all day even though they can afford this and Vbucks. 🤔

  • Gage Cameron 23 mins ago

    This should be redone. I mean, destiny got a new video when they released a three mission DLC.

  • Carson Ayers 23 mins ago

    This is a nice ‘review’ over stw. I’m in mid-canny, so you covered quite a bit of the things in this game. The people should mostly know is that it’s a grind, aka the basis of this game mode.

  • Nabila Prof 23 mins ago

    This is complicated

  • Jack Playz 23 mins ago

    Could you get save the world on Pc

  • Emiliano Godinez 23 mins ago

    is it really worth it to spend $40 on a mode?

  • Matthew_balli 03 23 mins ago

    Do you need playstation plus to play save the world?

  • FrenchFriez 23 mins ago

    i love watching theese vids cuz it means that i have money to buy a game

  • ArielDe-Faulty 23 mins ago

    Does anyone knw If stw is offline

  • RaduPlayerZ 23 mins ago

    who is with me if the save the world gets free battle royale will die?

  • zygazygazombie 23 mins ago

    im buying this as soon as i can

  • jacob kenyon 23 mins ago

    I watched this in June 2018 and I was like huh. I'm buying

  • NachoGnagarna 23 mins ago

    Gonna buy it today

  • GamingWithGeorge 23 mins ago

    Who here is looking for comments saying that the game is free because everyone is talking about it

  • Diles46 - AIRSOFT 23 mins ago


  • Famous75 23 mins ago

    Spending money will allow u to earn v bucks

  • Dis Dog 23 mins ago

    Don’t buy it

  • Fortnite Balkan 23 mins ago


  • Phantom Snake eye 23 mins ago

    I already bought this I’m just watching this

  • Dyamicgalaxy9421 23 mins ago

    It's free soon

  • I remember watching this vid when it came out and I was hyped to get this game because I had been following all the trailers. Then br came out and I thought it would be similar but I still wanted the coop so I bought it not too long ago

  • too bad i already bought it

  • # GiaxForLife # 23 mins ago

    Do you NEED Xbox Live Gold To Play It?

  • Rasmus Tagu 23 mins ago

    It had a ton of problems which kept me away from Save the World.. well til March. The game started to get a ton of good updates at the time and it started to grow to me ALOT. All tho i started playing BR the first day it released, (26th Sept 2017) i really wish that i picked up Save the World aswell. Seriously, if you love br give it a try. Its super fun

  • RapCat64 23 mins ago

    Where’s battle royale

  • No Smoking 23 mins ago

    Metal gear survive

  • Joeymabroccoli 23 mins ago

    What about Battle Royale?

  • electric gaming 23 mins ago

    ughhh i really want save the world but im broke can someone give me a code fn user is ElectricOnYT and my discord (to give me code) is kingninja

  • Piggy Man 23 mins ago

    If you buy save the world on pc can you play it on ps4

  • Yo Fam 23 mins ago

    It’s coming free this year

  • Djurre Eelen 23 mins ago

    haha got it free! someone gifted it to me!