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views on youtube: 1990
video rating: 4.74
time : 5:40
likes: 18
dislikes: 1

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  • Galaxium 25 mins ago

    I like the game

  • Spektrum 25 mins ago

    I really enjoy racing games and decided to pick up ATV Racers. It's so boring. What makes it worse is that the copy I got I assume was not well taken care of because the music likes to skip and even outright cut out (and the music in it is probably the best part and is even a little catchy. My copy has even frozen a couple times to. Other than that I was extremely disappointed that it's only a 1 player game, with dull graphics and lame tracks. I'm glad I only paid $5 for it, but that could of still been $5 spent on something a hell of a lot better.

  • twoquickcapri 25 mins ago

    They also made Atari Kart on the Jag. I've been trying to track down these four PS1 game for a while now Space Race is the only one been able to find. Merlin Racing on the Noun is alot better game.

  • GamingTheSystems 25 mins ago

    That's a Fairchild Channel F. If you search ""gaming setup tour" on Youtube, you'll see a tour of the setup.

  • N1xZer0 25 mins ago

    Your intro has some pretty rare consoles, I've never seen the Bally one before. What's the one showing at 0:20?? (It has a number 25 on it)

  • Slipnslide19 25 mins ago