The biggest PS4 exclusive of the year has finally swung onto our consoles but is it any good? Find out in my full review of Spider-man on Playstation 4!! Share …

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  • DreamcastGuy 8 mins ago

    Sorry this took a bit longer then some other reviewers did but Spider-man is a hero that is special to me so I wanted to get this video perfect. Thank you for watching and liking this late review! 😛

  • Moises Villafan 8 mins ago

    Yea this games alright. Looks beautiful on my pro but that's about it. Its pretty boring for some reason.

  • Great Dane 8 mins ago


  • Feel like the Bawsaq should have been mentioned by Jonah during the prisoner or disease epidemic sections of the game

  • Adam Laqke 8 mins ago

    this game was OVERHYPED

  • Gavin Gregory 8 mins ago

    I like it a lot but I do think it's a bit overrated some of the missions are really good but the mj missions suck, stealth is good when done right but there really boring and the side quests really bore me. But really enjoyed the voice acting and character development and the level progression of your character is really good lots of new gadgets and moves to learn,, the facial expressions and animations are amazing. I give a solid 8.

  • Pinkbelly 8 mins ago

    Overhyped for me. I found it so boring and uninstalled after 6 or so hours.

  • How's it hanging 8 mins ago

    You Remind me about how much I miss my Dreamcast

  • Motor78 8 mins ago

    great and overhyped dont listen to the fanboys the game is good but it has its minor flaws and an 8 at best

  • If it's to easy play on spectacular spiderman level.

  • After god of war and probably red dead it's the best game of the year. Followed by divinity 2. Great year for games on the ps4

  • MrNinjaGaming 8 mins ago

    Was this guy playing on friendly the game is not easy. Maybe the bosses are a breeze but the combat is well balanced if you don't time ur dodges on time the Ai will fuck u up

  • Find me literally one review bashing the game and I'll consider the game overhyped. Oh and just because a game isn't as good as an even better game, doesn't make it overhyped.

  • Ryan Van Dokkumburg 8 mins ago

    I felt like the story was blah. And like I've played this game a million times before… Because it plays exactly like a mix of batman Arkham asylum, infamous and assassin's Creed. The Graphics are good but it slows down in parts even on ps4pro. And the challenges are ridiculously hard -like, not even close to being balanced for different levels of ability for gamers -it should have been scaled to difficulty settings, those playing on easy won't be able to get through them. Also health and recovery is a good system but your focus really needs to replenish faster or you'll be stuck using the same suit ability and the same mods all the way they the game just to keep your focus up to heal. So it isn't by any means a masterpiece. Especially with a weak story and Peter being pretty bland and MJ simply being stupid and annoying and saying she doesn't need help and being defiant to Peter simply because he's saying don't hang out with the terrorists-but she does it just to spite him and then the idiot needs saving.

    I'd give it 7.5/10. It could have been much better, much more original, had a MUCH better story and had the characters represented better. It's certainly not on the level of God of War. It's only outselling God of War because it's rated Teen and not Mature… Parents like that. Little kids can play this game -but they'll all fail the challenges.

    It's good but way overhyped.

  • Renzo 8 mins ago

    Superman pretended to be a weak human. He was and is Superman first.

  • XNamelessXNill 8 mins ago

    Take the game off easy mode then looking from your gameplay your not that good at the game, yet you're saying its "too easy" take it off easy mode m8.

  • Matthewbraith 0 8 mins ago

    My pros and cons for this game.
    1. Gadgets are fun to use
    2. The aunt may death scene is pretty good and is more ballsy than the comics
    3. A wide variety of different suits
    4. Combat is still fun even if repetitive
    5. Most of the boss battles are entertaining
    6. Actually Pretty lengthy if you do everything, Took me 4 days to 100% complete it
    7. The swinging is pretty fun but like all other spiderman games i have played… it can get repetitive
    1.Unnecessary other character segments
    2. Repetitive combat
    3. Uninteresting side missions
    4. Miles Morales
    5. Baffling taskmaster challenge score system for bomb and drone missions
    6. I feel like all of the villains should've been more apart of the story, not just for the 3rd chapter
    7. Terrible 100% completion reward.

  • NINJAotogi 8 mins ago

    Looks very batman: arkham'ish. Not that thats a bad thing

  • Jeff Perteet 8 mins ago


  • kael S 8 mins ago

    another thing i like in this game aside from many, is suits are unlockable just by playing. and a secret suit by again, just by playing. unlike in arkham knight (which i like too) you need to buy skin packs.

  • protoluigi 8 mins ago

    Hopefully Insomniac can make a good Iron Man game.

  • 2682shark 8 mins ago

    Gameplay is flawless and fluid, graphics are amazing, story/voice acting top notch, side missions, challenges, Collectibles, upgrades, suits, etc. are fun, awesome set pieces, just all around amazingly fun game!!!!

  • Eddie A. 8 mins ago

    can the player change the difficulty?

  • riggledapp studios 8 mins ago

    Only reviewer who won’t say it makes you feel like spider man!

  • Matt Fighting 8 mins ago

    Its way better than God of War but still not a very good game imo.

  • Mike Camz 8 mins ago

    Great but overhyped

  • separator94 8 mins ago

    I think it's good but at the same time not even close to as good as say Batman Arkham City. An 87 metacritic score isn't that great either, especially when this game was hyped to be a masterpiece for over a year. An 87 is a B+ in letter grades. Every masterpiece game I've played had a metacritic score in the mid 90's. Again, this game is still good (above average) in my opinion.

    The game's graphics glitch a lot, it's frame rate drops a lot, it reuses set pieces multiple times, most of the boss fights are underwhelming and it's claim of using realistic physics is a total lie. Spider-Man literally changes directions in mid-air constantly and not just when he's using a web. I'm talking about when he's not attached to anything and his momentum should continue to propel him forward. Even during fights on the ground this constantly happens. And lastly the overarching story is simply not that great. The gameplay itself is a ton of fun though. That's this game's saving grace.

    When the game industry is starved for masterpiece quality games they have a tendency to overhype almost everything. Imo the only true masterpiece quality game that's come out so far this year was God of War. That's the high level of game Spider-Man was touted to be during it's production and it simply isn't. Not even close, and thus it was overhyped.

    The overwhelming majority of the gaming community saying it was overhyped is not some kind of conspiracy to hurt the game. It's just people's genuine reactions to the final product after being told it was going to be a masterpiece for such a long time. Saying it was overhyped does not mean it's a bad game either. Just that we were told it would be a bit better than it turned out being.

    Just enjoy it for what it is. A Spider-Man game that is not complete garbage. Finally

  • Feliz R. Mejia III 8 mins ago

    You didn't actually say how to take a picture. I'm still no better off then I was before!

  • Andrew Craig 8 mins ago

    We all know nobody plays Spider-Man for anything other than swinging around the map and jumping off shit (now with more finger guns than Spider-Man 3)

  • Caspersight 8 mins ago

    Every game is over hyped 🙂

  • David Rodas 8 mins ago

    Assasins spiderman you see the buildings they have pictures dont releflect anything.

  • darius valentine 8 mins ago

    Number one game of the year….

  • I Hate the world sometimes 8 mins ago

    As someone who has gamed 28+ years, I am so glad I played my friends copy of the game. I hated the webslinging, I disliked the stolen gameplay of other games(tomb raider reboot & arkham games), I hated how the counter button was o instead of triangle, I hated some of the character models, I hated how spiderman went to the wrong directions when surrounded by too many foes, and I thought the slamming things into enemies were better in shattered dimensions. I personally loved the amazing spiderman 2 videogame over this, the $30 dlc was a huge turn off too. Another reason why tasm 2 & shattered dimensions are my favorite spiderman games thus far, I can appreciate edge of time & web of shadows too(it had Luke Cage & wolverine).

  • bought this game today.. This game looks and feels AMAZING!!! The graphics and gameplay is just wow wow wow

  • DVDfeverGames 8 mins ago

    Sony suck ass!

  • Allen James 8 mins ago

    Finally bought a PS (spider-man limited edition) just to play this game, being a big fan of Insomniac from Sunset Overdrive (an Xbox Exclusive). I’m glad to hear the same voice as Peter Parker (as well as other familiar voices). It’s fun, but can be repetitive if you do the side missions 1 by 1 (which I do, because I’m OCD like that). I like the fact that I paid the same amount for the console as I would have without the game (…it was basically free). I will probably switch it up and start completing tasks as they come up, instead of trying to clear the map of every tower icon & every backpack. I feel the best way to avoid feeling like it’s repetitive is to start doing things at random, the way crimes come up randomly as you traverse the city. I’m not disappointed.

  • Captain Chainsaw 8 mins ago

    Good but overhyped,it's nothing ive not played before but it's a lot of fun.Spiderman 2 is still the best spidey game.

  • clipwtchr30 8 mins ago

    What am I missin here, geek fam. The game is by no stretch of the imagination a dud. But all I'm seein is a tweeked polished slicker version of the Amazing Spider-Man 2 game. The gameplay elements and overall setup are exactly the same. So I'm not quite seein how that makes this the definitive end all be all.

  • Kevin Stotler 8 mins ago

    Now I'm playing the game on the hard difficulty and it's hard very hard

  • Kevin Stotler 8 mins ago

    I played the game on normal and some parts were easy and some parts were hard like when I fought the Kingpin I died four times before I beat him