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  • THE UNTAMED 53 mins ago

    Does anyone know a game that your like hugging a women and she’s shooting bugs and stuff and your jumping on top of ceiling? I remember playing this game on my iPhone 5c but now I can’t find this game anywhere

  • _DaRXo_ official 53 mins ago

    what about fire emblem heroes?

  • lol ruled of survival is getting copystrighed

  • Orange 20 53 mins ago

    I like sonic forces

  • Albino Gorilla 53 mins ago

    When you say "honeslty" alot its easy to tell youre lying

  • Sazzad Hossain 53 mins ago

    Like for rule of survivel

  • SHOCKy SPARKy 53 mins ago

    Thankyou , please could you review our game platefatelite on YouTube ! It was made by two 14 year old twin boys in London called Ben and Aaron. We aren’t a very big company and would appreciate any help we can get with promotion.thankyou

  • BLITZSUPREME 53 mins ago

    Everyone at my school have been playing rules since late October 😂 it’s so much fun

  • Peter Z 53 mins ago

    This video made me 15k because I won a rules of survival tournament! Thanks!

  • Game Trailer HD 53 mins ago

    Lol? What’s with Strike of Kings (Arena of Valor) the best mobile game

  • Andres Saldana 53 mins ago

    Have you guys reviewed Bullet Force.

  • Ian Havemagic 53 mins ago

    Rules of survival is a ripoff

  • Alvaro Aguilar 53 mins ago

    Does animal Crossing require WiFi across just to play or can it be used with offline play?

  • Francis Santiago 53 mins ago

    All junk

  • YGN RainYT 53 mins ago

    Rules Of Survival

  • Christmas Cookie 53 mins ago

    Boo! How dare they put a clash Royale ripoff on that list??

  • Sakhin Bhandari 53 mins ago

    This video sucks

  • Oh hey a cool new gam- (falcon) CLASH ROYALE COPY RRRRRRRRR

  • sheer cardiac arrest has no discrepancies 53 mins ago

    ALMOST 4MIL!!!!!

  • The Gaming Dragon 53 mins ago

    The reason I left clash royale because the balancing is poor it favors pay to win people