The Walking Dead, Red Dead Redemption 2, Metro Exodus, The Last of Us 2, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Marvel’s Spider-Man, Vampyr, Detroit: Become …

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  • chief 1 redwolf 40 mins ago

    Love the Lord your God with all your heart soul mind and strength and love your neighbor as yourself Jesus said !!! :>

  • dave ortwine 40 mins ago

    I wish call of duty would stop making futuristic gay shit and get back to making a modern warfare game. If COD made their maps like Battlefield such as you can destroy everything on the game; Buildings cars boats trees etc., massive maps, interactive environment (this goes back to the destructible environments)(such as the ability to enter buildings scale walls to get onto building tops etc.), ability to drive vehicles such as planes helicopters boats cars trucks tanks atvs motorcycles etc., and when sniping having to take bullet drop into account. They would have one kick ass fucking game. Vice versa, if battlefield took in some of the COD mechanics it would be the best. Better than COD if COD took in battlefield mechanics.
    Battlefield would be better imo because they would have to do less bc it’s already so good.
    I just hope these guys start making modern warfare games again. There has been so many things happen between the late 80s up until 2018 they could make a huge massive campaign out of it. Gulf war, Iraq war, Afghan War, killing bin laden, Benghazi (Hillary, Obama and company would fight so hard to not let Benghazi in any game) and so many other events.
    With that being said I would love to see a Korean and Vietnam war game.
    Another note, battlefield V is coming out. It’s based on WW2. I hope it’s massive. I hope they do it right (not that battlefield ever doesn’t). But I hope it’s a massive campaign. Like 20-30 plus hours to complete. Not some campaign that ya can complete in a couple hours. That’s wha I didn’t like about battlefield 1, campaign was too short and skipped over too many events.

  • MrEasyskanker 40 mins ago

    Meh. Only Cyberpunk is interesting.

  • one boy 40 mins ago

    The sound of this red title, at left corner at the start of every trailer is very very disturbing.

  • Lootchii GUNKOMBOGOD 40 mins ago

    Death stranding spider man metro exodus cyber punk

  • Lucky Strike 40 mins ago

    Second game… West World?!

  • folded faun 40 mins ago

    am I the only one that's sad pc for players… me

  • Spinkkz Debrino 40 mins ago

    OMG Last of us 2 . WOW

  • You'll_float_too 40 mins ago

    I thought they had something with that walking dead game. Trailers are good but the gameplay looks like it's from 2008 nothing like the trailers. What a disappointment

  • amazingaiden1 40 mins ago

    Would love to see half life brought back

  • Mason991031 40 mins ago

    rest of them have been or will gradually be released during 2018- 2019. while death stranding will be released in 2050

  • Anewlevel 40 mins ago

    "The Last of Us was a huge hit! Better put some gay shit in the sequel! Much better."
    Pretty sure the Aztecs and their blood sacrifices ended hundreds of years ago. Who's the moron who just equates South America with cutting people's hearts out with an ornate knife? And they didn't have steel or iron, they used obsidian. Everything about Tomb Raider now is dumb lol Lara Croft isn't a soldier of fortune or something.
    Devs keep aiming for the same vague thing, nobody knows what it is, and they keep missing the mark completely.

  • Mack McCormack 40 mins ago

    Can't say that there was one game there that I would want to play, looked more like animated movies, if I wanted to be in a movie I'd have gone to acting school and sold my soul.

  • Gil Meregildo 40 mins ago

    Zombie: " Who Cares !"

  • Tomhates Cheese 40 mins ago

    Overkill's The Walking Dead is going to suck so fucking bad

  • Furkan Aydın 40 mins ago

    oyun bir ara outlast a döndü

  • Thribhuvan Sunkavalli 40 mins ago

    9:48 wow. Like if you're an Indian

  • ebrahim azari 40 mins ago


  • CARBiNOX 40 mins ago

    Old dude in the walking dead trailer looks like Steve Jobs.

  • Lucian Ivan 40 mins ago

    10% games 80% movies 10% music

  • Guli 41 40 mins ago

    Now i just saw what im missing

  • Bryan Sijben 40 mins ago

    they need to make a cgi movie with first game like appleseed alpha latest movie

  • jojo gonjalves 40 mins ago

    the man like the one in detroit become human must be killed and eliminated from the world
    and these words are also from a man

  • Mikael Nielsen 40 mins ago

    wasted so many hours in shadow of mordor… the boss fight was a laugh in the end. all about the cut scenes and no gameplay imo

  • Omg the Walking Dead game tho. Tbh all these games tho😍😍

  • cryptick76 40 mins ago

    Odd… Correct me if I'm wrong, but since the start Overkill has advertised their Walking Dead game as at least 3 player co-op, not as single player.