Top 5 online Android Games Like PUBG. In this video you can checkout Online Multiplayer Games Like PUBG for Android/iOS. Top 5 Upcoming PUBG Games …

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  • Thata Yang 21 mins ago

    Thats the very first version of free fire see wat is it right now yor gana be amazed

  • Lewisygames 505 21 mins ago

    99.9% of the comments is rules of survival

  • DROID Football 21 mins ago

    Next vid . (Top 5 best battle Royale games (offline))

  • zBarlas - Gaming and Meme TR 21 mins ago

    You forgot PUBG Mobile and Fortnite Mobile.

  • FadedBlueJay _YT 21 mins ago

    If you believe that the the thumbnail is real 🤦‍♂️no phone can take those graphics

  • Joey Zuczkiewicz 21 mins ago

    What is intro song

  • Declan Prentice 21 mins ago

    Free fire is so much better now

  • garbage. 21 mins ago

    Um… You missed pubg mobile and creative destruction. 10/10 games

  • Heythisis hetro 21 mins ago

    (Battle royal games)
    1)PUBG (osom) no competition
    2)ROS (very good)
    3){crossfire legend,knives out,free fire,survival royals,the last survivor} tympass
    4)And so on fuckinn copies..😂😂
    Hopeless land = laggy game😐
    By the way cartoon edition for battle royale iz 1)fortnite(pc,ps4)
    2)creative destruction (mobile)…..


  • Roast_Turkey_4 Fortnite 21 mins ago

    Rules of survivals is the best on iOS

  • Marginal Game Players 21 mins ago

    Wtf where is pubg the most played game😂😂

  • AggioѠ 21 mins ago



  • z modz 21 mins ago

    Well im surprised pubg or rules of survival is not there

  • Turtle are cool 21 mins ago

    They are all like pubg bad vid

  • itz_michael_yo 21 mins ago

    What’s the intro song can someone tell me i really like it

  • Luca Marzullo 21 mins ago

    Try Rules of survival it id really the best battle royal game

  • Atomi c 21 mins ago

    Hopeless land is better than those games

  • ayman 450 21 mins ago

    Télécharger Rocket Royal cest un bon jeu

  • ᴀʀᴘᴍ 21 mins ago

    intro song ?

  • Marco Pelligra 21 mins ago

    Is the better game

  • Marco Pelligra 21 mins ago

    Rules of survival

  • LizardTV 21 mins ago

    Why didn’t you add PUBG it’s the best

  • les saumon ninja 21 mins ago

    Yes here pubg rules of survival free fire thes he shit

  • CD Angle 21 mins ago

    Bullet force is the legit best

  • Gema Loth 21 mins ago

    They all look the same

  • #Sidney 31 21 mins ago

    Where is PUBG MOBILE?

  • drowzy adrian 21 mins ago

    Theres something called PUBG

  • 2 names 3 names 21 mins ago

    Non of these games are on iOS because someone are upcoming look at the bottom left

  • viet nam gamer 21 mins ago

    LOL you just stolen vid free fire from viet nam